Raid Defense - Healers?

Now that I am being raided 10-20 times each day, I am trying to set up my best defense possible. Whether or not I should place a healer in the mix keeps coming up. No, I do not have Alberich (or it would be a no-brainer). I do, however, have all the normal healers like Rigard, Boldtusk, Kiril, etc. They don’t seem to help me survive (defense) against equal strength teams and they are not a deal breaker when I attack them. So, the question is - do we use a regular healer in our raid defense team or swap them out for another assault hero? Would using a brute like Boril, Horghall, or Gormek be better?

IMO healers are only super effective in defense at lower levels when attackers only have 1 set of 70s or better. When people can start color stacking, they are killing the tank early and charging up heroes and healers are just not as effective as another hero killing the attackers.

When my accounts were in that mid range, nothing I loved better than seeing 2-3 healers on a defense. here’s an example

That sort of raid happens a lot when you only have offensive-special defenders.

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This I can understand, but how about War Defence?

relatively the same thing…the higher you go, the less effective too many healers are as bench depth increases. This happens higher up due to the arrows, but again, a glut of healers only works on folks with less than 30 leveled heroes.

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My opinion: Healers can be useful on defense, but only if they bring something else to the table that you can leverage besides just healing like Vivica’s defense buff or Melendor/Sabina’s dispels. Otherwise, those slots would be better filled with attackers.

Right now, the only healer I use is Boldtusk on tank with 3* defense troops (Barbaric Minotaurs, I think) to maximize his staying power, but I’m mainly banking on his high defense and added attack buff rather than his healing. He seems to work fine up to about 2000 cups.

@Dante2377 How does your Wardefense look like? Or what would be the best Wardefense?

Zero to two healers depending on your attack heroes.

Major healers Rigard/ Melendor/ Sabina seem to work best in corners with a mana/ healing 4* Troop. This gives them time to charge up.

Melendor/ Sabina work in left corner to remove attackers buffs like riposte, defense buff, etc.

Rigard works in right corner to cleanse defenders of DOT before next turn.

Due to decent defense Rigard can work flanks or corner, but it is harder to hit Rigard with board damage in corner. Especially handy in war due to Revenge bar.

Boldtusk 4* red has been nerfed a lot. Like Kiril 4* Blue , and Friar Tuck 3* green , Boldtusk is medium heal plus buff, which seems to work best in right, or left, flank now.

Flank healers are helped by a center hero with a defense buff against the center’s anti-color. Example Perseus 5* blue has a defense buff against his anti-color, which is green.

Attackers Note:
To remove a center Perseus 5* blue with flank Kiril 4* blue, double up on a neutral color, like purple. If you get a decent board the double neutral will have a higher damage per shield ( tile ) than the defenders get mana per shield ( tile ).

Healers with anti- color defense buff, like Kashhrek & Guinevere, work well in center defense, but are hampered on attack since their board damage is halved.

Dev Note:
Change anti- color defense buff to anti- color Dragon banner. Kashhrek gets +94% defense & +45% attack versus red.

Guinevere gets +54% defense & +80% attack versus purple.

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You’re trying to break Guin even more? Haha

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