Raid Defense Chest

What if we had a raid defense chest separate from the heros chest

And unlike the fluctuation of arenas like normal hero chest, the defense chest could only go up in arenas but cant go down

Basically once a player hits diamond, the defense chest would only count defense wins in diamond

Therefore encouraging players to climb the ranks to get hit more defensively to in turn gain more chances at wins
Along with a small 2k in food per win

And further discourages cup dropping

Once a player hits diamond, they will further have more to lose if they drop to platinum sincr defense chest will essentially freeze until they get back in diamond

This would also help sell the “cup freeze” product when players are goin to be away from the game for awhile

Would actually give that product a real purpose

Defense chests should be worth more than attacking chests

As they are harder to fill and not as commonly filled

We all know AI blows

The chests dont have to include mat rolls(would be nice bonus though), but should definitely be worth a larger sum of food iron than attacking chests and could add recruits and loot tickets and gems/tokens whatever else in there as well lol. Mainly food and iron would be my biggest request for sure though.

Also defense raid chests wouldn’t be able to be temporarily replaced by elemental chests and any heros killed by your defense wouldnt count towards elemental chests.

Easiest way to do this would be to give the chest an x amount of wins to fill over x amount of heros since i doubt the game tracks every hero our defense kills.

Anyways just a rough draft idea that i think could benefit the game.

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