Raid Defense beaten by a cup dropper

Hi Guys, someone can help me? look that:

sorry about wrong place, i dont know where is the right place to call for support.

He doesnt have to attack you with his defense team…

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Hi @Arlen, welcome to the Forum!

I’ve moved your post from the random thread it was on to a separate one.

The screenshot you’ve posted shows the opponent’s Defense team, not the team they used to attack you.

They’re intentionally putting up a weak team in order to lose Trophies/Cups.

This is commonly called “cup dropping,” and is a simple technique to get easier matchups when attacking, by reducing Trophies.

There are many threads on the Forum about it, which you can find by searching.

A few, for starters:


Sorry about my mistake, the second attack was made by another player with the same avatar… :man_facepalming:


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