Raid Defense Advice

Hello everyone,

in last time i get many new heros and now i’m insecure how to restructure the defense team.
I’m love reading the comments in this community and so would appreciate it if you share your thoughts to my team. Would love to know:

  1. How to improve my current defense team

  2. Which heros to ascend next to make the team better

The amount of ascension material i have at the moment:
4*: 10 telescope, 4 tonic, 12 rings, 3 darts and 1 tabard.
3*s are all between 12-20 so shouldn’t be a problem there

My current defense team is:
Grimm - Wu Kong - Hel - Vivica - Lianna

I have no real tank maxed, so i bet on Hel and her special. In case there are more yellow attacker the probability for Wu and Vivica can fire there powerful special increases.

I’m struggling which blue 5* should i ascend next to have good synergy. Not sure if Vela is too specific with her def down for fire. To provoke the attacker to use fire, maybe a constellation like that would be nice:

Vivica - Hel - Horghall/Buddy - Vela - Lianna

Don’t know if Isarnia could fit. Thorne could be a tank since I don’t have one yet, like:

Vivica - Hel - Thorne - Lianna - ?

I personally don’t like Wu Kong in defense. He is easily neutralized by dispellers.
I’d try
Lianna, Vivaca, Hel, Grim (Gormek), Caedmon (Sonya)

IMO Wu is only good for titian. Thorne I feel without emblems is lacking as a tank.
I would Vivi one of the flank spots so she will charge while they beat your point. With that in mind I would place Her at the point. You best stand alone hero is Grimm so I would place him in the wing on the same side as Vivi or as the other flank. so that leave Lianna and one of your reds (Summ or Gormeck)

grimm Vivi Hel Red Lianna Or Vivi Hel Grimm Red liaan

Remember the computer fires your hero’s from left to right and the opp are likely coming at the first with 3 yellows and something else on which will charge Vivi. Or 3 green and 2 yellows on the second. where your heal has little effect Which do think has the best survival

Thanks for your help!

I was also very skeptical about Wu Kong but somehow the team holds me at 2400 cups. I will kick him after your advice now.

@SuuriKoira does it make sense to mirrow the position of the heros (Caedmon, Grim,Hel,Vicaca,Lianna)? When the computer fires from left to right i would have a dispell and deff down at the beginning, or is the cleanser from vivica more important?

@hothom thanks for your longer argumentation and it makes me happy that i wasn’t to wrong with my lineup. I will replace Wu with Summ and change position with vivica at first.

How would you improve the team next?
I have enough teleskops to ascend one blue 5*. Would you go for Thorne, Vela or Isarnia or none of them?

Would appriciate some comment to Vivica - Hel - Horghall(Costume)/Buddy - Vela - Lianna?
Looks for me like good synergy and makes the best of my limited heros. Or will it makes no big difference to my current team.

Horg costume is okay, but you’ll need more tonics… he’s okay in costume form, but you need to max his main form first (which you’ll almost never use) and then spend more mats and feeders on the costume which is okay rather than great.
Tbh I’d consider waiting for another nature, even from TC20 you’re better off waiting for Kadilen (post buff actually pretty respectable, seeing her more and more in diamond) or another Lianna.

Thorne since his latest buff is respectable - not amazing, but not the laughing stock he once was… His special at average lines up with Kiril and Grimm for attacking stacks too.
Vela will give you more in a blue stack, she’s not the best of HOTM but she’s decent enough.
Isarnia is a personal favourite, I use her a lot - but I wouldn’t ascend her yet in your position… If nothing else, she’ll want to compete for wizard emblems.

As you’ve got the scopes for two ice hero’s, I’d probably do Thorne first and then Vela.

General comments…
You won’t want to run Vivica on the wing - if she’s in the team, she needs to be at flank where she might fire and help you out. At wing she can be ignored until all the threats are gone, then polished off last.

For now, I’d probably run:
Sonya, Vivi, Hel, Lianna, Colen

Dispel, cleanse & Def buff, mana control, damage, damage

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Nice inputs @BubblesUK, thanks a lot!

I’ve been thinking about Horg just to have a regular tank, even if he is not the best… and since the last ascension of costume after leveling main form doesn’t need 4* materials, it would be very time intensive, but not material intensive. But i will wait for better nature.

On the blue 5* i agree with you. Thorne will help me more overall in my situation.
How would Thorne change the situation in the defense team?
To keep the dispel from Sonya maybe would relplace Colen with him:

Sonya, Vivi,Hel, Thorne, Lianna

I felt so lucky in last 2 month with drawing… I got Buddy, Neith, Vela, Falcon, C-Horg, C-Tibs all from only 7 free draws (key and tokens) and isarnia + 2 vivi from tc20… but now it seems like both HOTM arent really helping the the orthers didn’t increase the value of the team much as i thougth at first. Soon i will have enough gems for a 30x pull at atlantis, hopefully the lucky streak keeps going :smiley:

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