Raid defence team help again

So I pulled Hel(first purple 5*) and I want build rainbow 5* defence team but my every idea looks bad for me. Any suggestions?

I have one more maxed 5*(Khagan)
Thank you

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That seems like a pretty reasonable order.

Mother North left wing is a given, and Hel as tank makes the most sense of your options by far.

Isarnia is squishy, but as right wing would probably do nothing most of the time. And putting her next to Mother North would make the left side of the board too easy to play tiles into without much risk. So right flank makes sense.

With two slow heroes already, I wouldn’t be inclined to swap Khagan in for Marjana.

So basically it’s solely a question of Marjana and Joon being where they are or swapped…and I think either is a reasonable option, since Marjana is sturdier and better suited to flanking, and Joon hits harder, so he’s more punishing if he fires more often. Given squishy Isarnia in right flank, Marjana is probably the safer bet to avoid two squishier flanks.

So I think you pretty much have the best setup there.


You can also try swapping Hel and Marja, since the blue stack against Marja would be weak against Mom.

That would raise your chance for Hel to fire and slow down the battle for Isa and Mom.

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I’m not sure I buy the premise.

Killing Mother North with tile damage isn’t usually the best strategy, both because of being in the corner, and to avoid setting her off. Most attackers are likely to mana control her or snipe her.

So any color stack will work just fine.

And for a well-equipped attacker, they may have Frida or Arthur to bring to a blue stack fight, which is far more advantageous than trying to bring Jackal in a yellow stack.


Okay, good point.

In my raids I mostly need some tile damage for the wings, too. Then it’ll often be annoying, if a weak lasted in the corner and even more, if it was Alby or Mom.

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