Raid defence formation changing back to standard when i flee then rematch - RAID FORMATIONS BETA CONCLUDED

As per the topic twice in a row (vs different defences) after I flee then immediately rematch the opposition’s defence appears in the standard formation in the ensuing battle.

Using Android 35.1.0 1419

I believe the beta has just finished so Raid formations are no longer available until SG decide on a full implementation.


Strange that it let me revenge 2 people in my tower in their old formation first battle - but the beginning and the end of new features is when you are most likely to have unexpected outcomes

@JonahTheBard is correct.

There may be some residual alternative defense/raid formation left. It should be reverted back to the standard formation approximately 20 minutes ago.


Cannot see raid formatuon anymore. Also during raids. But I have just fought guy with reverse formation… you can imagine what happened. I used wrong team ;-(

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Don’t sound so surprised :crazy_face:


Same happened to me, is this a bug?

I wish they would give us a head for this kind of major switch… my defense makes no sense without reverse double. Must change it.

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The dates were published, but yes, a notification would have been helpful


Fought a couple alliance members who still had their defenses in non-standard formation…

Shoulda known to change mine back to standard otherwise my defense makes no sense

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I think if you don’t make any changes to the defense team, the last formation still remains. Which would be a bug.

Some of my alliance mates are off-line and still have non-standard formations when I battle them

Just fought 2 raids with reverse without formation warning…wtf?

Well, they could have sent us a mail to warn us. I didn’t remember today was the end of the beta.

Same here. Both internal and external raids.

Same. I thought it was a standard formation and chose a team color that was the opposite of the tank color, but the opponent remained in the reverse formation and I couldn’t do anything and was defeated.

It’s supposed to be gone now. But there are still some who remains. Even not writing the formation, I faced this a couple of minutes ago.

As usual, SGG’s neglect of duties. They seem to have no interest in anything other than making money.

Thank you for the report! This issue should be fixed now.


Hi @Petri

Hope this finds you all healthy and happy♥️ Is there even a whisper in the wind about the different raid formations coming back anytime soon:grin:


They’ll be back with some improvements. We’ll announce it when we know more! :slight_smile:


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