Raid damage not accurate

On 11/30/19 at about 2:40 am I noticed that when the opponent was hit the number showing how much damage said 305 but the life bar barely showed any change so I clicked on the opponent to check and the hit points only went down 110 from 1506 to1396 it should have said 1201

You have to check the hp bar before you do any action and afterwards. Otherwise you can‘t check it correctly. Without a video or screenshot proof it‘s hard to help you:(


Is there a chance that the said hero had a minion, who took majority of the damage and passed the rest to the hero?


No it was the first attack of the battle

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Ok. Then it might be a bug or something but without any screenshots or videos it will be difficult to establish.

So you mean the first match 3, tiledamage? Maybe you just saw the damage incorrectly. Or the damage was on another hero etc. if you cant reproduce it it was probably just a human error

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