Raid crush and watchtower bug

I was taking a revenge run, when the game crushed to the home screen and wouldn’t start over until I restarted the phone. When I got back in, my watch tower was displaying two defeats with the same cup loss, at the same time.

I mean, I could get over a crush during a raid, but hey! Credit me with two loses? That’s not ok… I have no raid energy at this moment, but I’m gonna lose the next attempt on purpose, to see if I’ll get a third attempt or not.


Went for a second revenge and dropped it, there was no third attempt available. What’s even more puzzleing, the interface sais, 0 / 2 (not 3) attempts are available… not cool…

Has happened to me before. Has happened to others. I don’t think you actually lost twice the cups and it’s a visual thing as per this thread:

But counting as 2 attempts has been noted.

Maybe someone can go through the threads to merge the lot of them, because I think there are others.

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