Raid chest will not fill for the last 2 days

I have killed 35 heroes in raids and won 4/5 in the tournament in the last 2 days but my raid chest is stuck at 21 and remains unchanged.

Hi, can you provide a screenshot of your raid chest? :slight_smile:

Sounds like a glitch to me, I would contact support asap!

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I agree with @DBC . Noone here can help you in this case.

Good luck my friend!

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I use my mac for the forums and my old 10.4.x iOS ipad for gaming. I never synchronise the devices as it leads to tears. I have tried the in game support and I am always lead straight back to the forum. It is frustrating. I cannot master the limitations of an iPad and post to the forums on that. Apple are pathetic when you want to do something meaningful.

I could with some effort I suppose, but the screen caps wouldn’t be time stamped and so could be taken in seconds and reveal no truth. Thank you however wonderful person for your thought.

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If you follow the link I posted you can even open a request from a normal PC.

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Well, I hope it gets sorted out very soon. :slight_smile:

Thank you wonderful people for your input. It seems it is partially working; it will count five kills for now but none less than that. I will try the ingame support again and hope I don’t get redirected to here again.

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And just like that, everything works again; raids and tourneys. I have no idea but it was a frustrating two days where I could have filled almost two extra chests…


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