Raid chest stuck, and won’t fill up — examples stuck on 39 and 37

I have had it happen twice now where I am on 39 for raid chest and win a raid but the chest stays on 39!

My hero chest mission is stuck at 37\40 and not filling up

@Pineswampsticks @Watering-Can I assume when you get more kills in a Raid that the number stays exactly the same?

Or does it count some kills, but not others, and eventually fill up?

When I earn hero’s from missions or daily summons the chest does not fill its stuck on 37

The Heroes Chest is for kills in a Raid — it’s not related to heroes from Summons or playing World Map Stages/Quests.

Does the number increase when you kill heroes in a Raid?

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I’ll find out right meow

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It is when the raid chest is at 39 and you need 1 more kill to fill it, I have done a raid and won so 5 kills but the chest stays on 39. Raid a second time and it fills the chest. It was definitely on 39 not 34 before the first raid and did not fill the chest.

My raid wanted chest was at 37/40. After I successfully raided another player (ended in victory), the chest remained at 37/40. Never happened before, as far as I know. Is it a known issue?

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