Raid chest problem – Possible issue with Counter

I’ve won the last 6 raids. But the raid chest is not 30 !!! Why is this number 29?

one logical explanation would be that you started and killed a hero from your first raid before the raid chest countdown has expired/you chest was available to collect heroes killed

what do i mean?

  1. raid chest has 1 minute till it starts collecting
  2. you start to raid
  3. you kill a hero
  4. raid is ready to collect heroes killed
  5. you kill your opponent and raid chest has 4/40
  6. you kill 5 more opponents and raid chest has 29/40
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Interesting theory. Always wondered what would happen if you started a raid or farmed before the timer hit 0.

This is not a logical explanation. First of all, the chest was expired. However, even if I started the game before the time was up, this score would definitely not be reflected …

This doesnt make sense. From my pov…
But since you are so sure, you must be a sgg dev. Lol :roll_eyes:

I share an in-game error here. The timer will not play without zero until the beginner l. My level is 54 …

Ok. I hear you. Buy without a reproducible behaviour this will remain “no fix / user error”.

I know what im talking about… Lack of proof… Sgg wont just take your word as law…

According to you players always wrong. The game is always flawless. I have shared with you pictures.

As per the scenario I explained above i am 99% sure i can post similar screenshots…

And thus demonstrating user error behaviour than a bug

Boolz scenario does seem most plausible

What is Boolz scenario?

That your chest started mid raid after 1 hero in first raid was already dead

I’ve done the same thing without realizing it

And I’m very curious, so what am I going to do?

The timer was full! Anyway, blame me more borderline.

What do you mean the timer was full?

I didn’t make a request for you. I just shared an error. The rest is your problem.

The timer has expired. crate was open

The incident officially turned into a fight. I’ve been playing this game for 1 year. It’s not nice to blame you.

Prove that I’m editing the pictures. I have screenshots and I’m going to judge. You can’t blame me this way !!!

Nobody is blaming you of nothing

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