Raid Chest loot - difference between 1800 and 2399? if any?

How much of a difference is there/if any, between raid chest loot gained from completing it on eg. 1800 trophies as opposed to 2399 trophies (both platinum)?

Ive noticed some iron and meat difference.

If there is minimal difference/no difference, wouldnt it be better to keep your trophies lowest in the raid arena you can comfortably maintain?

*aesthetics of higher trophies does not excite me

There’s no difference in loot drop within a same raid bracket, if you bumped up to diamond and opened it you’d have a slightly better chance but not enough to notice. Been about a month since I got a ascension mat from a one. But I just got lucky and got 2 rare titan 4* drops

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So putting a weak defensive team up before bed to purposefully lose trophies overnight would be beneficial?

Anyone else do this?

Excellent answer, thanks the for info. Love the off flag method, easier than trying to set up a poor team overnight that will maybe lose the right amount of trophies.

Cheers heaps, Ill pass this on to my alliance :slight_smile:

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Complete and clear. 100% agree

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Nothing different for me :rofl:

I do not do cup dropping, the cup drop by itself so I just raid when the heroes chest ready, speed it up when I have full flag, and chose carefully the opponent so I can have more chance to win . Never hoping for the loot, since to much hoping will make me more upset.


I never really noticed any difference in the loot I got from gold to the loot in platinum. I’m not sure i can be bothered to fight up to diamond if the loot stays the same.

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Individual chests don’t feel too different between the tiers, but if you track it over time you’ll see a difference in the average rewards you’re getting.


I am myself waiting for a team of 5* fully ascended before I start putting myself out in diamond permanently. So I use cup dropping but I do it by tweaking the order of my defense team, not by putting in 3*s or whatever.

Might be a silly question, what/ where is a raid chest? What is ‘flagging’?

It’s not a silly question at all.

The Wanted Heroes mission reward chest is commonly referred to as a “Raid Chest,” since you have to fill it by killing heroes in raids (wars don’t fill the chest)

The little banners next to your various energy counters (world/raid/titan) look like flags, so people often refer to units of energy as “flags.”

If you’re curious about other terms, there’s a great resource that explains common ones here. That’s usually where I start if I don’t understand a term someone is using:

Hello friends, the rewards of the game are no longer what is expected, now they only give garbage the chests the titans the alliance wars, everything in the game has become very difficult, they are the same rewards, for all arenas, I made the Test going down to silver, there is no difference between arenas, it is useless to take the team to the maximum, without diamond they give the same rewards, it is being done
a tedious and boring game, if you don’t buy you won’t grow …

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Rewards are basically the same I agree to a point. The amount of food and iron are greater in the higher arenas.

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El juego ya no está dando materiales de ascenso a los niveles bajos, 49k de hierro y carne en los titanes…etc

It is worth it. Usually the rewards are crap (minus the ham/iron, which are decent) but there is also a decent shot at a 4* mat. I have tracked my results over the last 6 weeks and raid chests have had the highest rate of “free” 4* mat drops (4 in total - caveat on the free is that I skip the timer on raid chests) as compared to titans (3), elemental chests (2), mystic vision (2), alkashards (1)

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