Raid changes?

I can’t seem to come close to beating any raid squads today. Doesn’t matter if they are 200 points below my team. Little frustrated. Granted my team is not what it will be, but…,

It happens, the last few days have not been great for me but I know things will be better tomorrow.

I just came off a bad streak that lasted two days (and sadly included the war). It seems to happen that way - bad boards run a day or two and then back to more normal distribution. When that happens I reroll to only raid teams that are my power or less, and only go rainbow raids instead of stacking two strong (usually against tank).

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I think it feeds itself, you start to lose and get annoyed…,then come the bad choices.

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Confirmation bias.

Yes, these blips happen…it will right itself for you. :slight_smile:

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Such crap happens.

I lost 3 straight to a Richard tank 2 days ago and 3 straight to a Hel tank yesterday.

These are tanks I usually have been able to beat at least on 2 tries but ended with such lousy boards that I never got to win at all. Almost threw my phone away. :sweat_smile:

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Don’t get me started on how I lost to Hansel tank with fully leveled 5* team :laughing: Everything is about tile distribution on board and if you’re able to make only 3-matches without any cascade, you won’t ever win against decent defense team. So bad streaks happen, but they also cease, I hope :slight_smile:


Maybe it’s me, but i noticed when i’m filling the raid chest, i get more bad boards.

I’ll bet that that’s entirely a product of you caring more about those boards and so noticing the bad ones. Any other explanation requires a tremendous subtlety of programming that doesn’t seem to exist elsewhere in this game.

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Sure, it’s all mindgames. :face_with_monocle: