Raid challenge

Do y’all think I can win this raid with this set up?

I’m thinking of switching BT and Cyp because Joon is the weakest hero on the team so the counterattack will help, and BT also has higher defense than Cyp even though Cyp has higher health…

I could also do a 3-2 with Caed/Lianna/Melendor-BT/Mitsuko or Cyprian/Seshat or Joon/Xi Liu, but since the enemy already has 2 purples I figure 2 yellows would be better, plus BT is a stronger hero than Mel and Caed already has buff dispeller

Please advise…

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The guy has Cyprian as tank. You must use at least 2 yellow to beat Cyprian

That’s what I used, 2 yellow, healer and sniper. Cyp was also my tank

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