RAID challenge loot still NERFED!?!?!

The original raid loot was great even at lower levels. I know there were some issues with the defense, etc. but it was nice to not see the same names like the challenge events. However, the devs decided to pull back the loot until raid challenges were fixed. It looks to me that they are running smoothly. They have run for a few cycles now with war going on at same time so I think it is time to up the loot. As it stands the loot even for a top finish is not better than a monster or hero chest.
I know SG is playing the long game but that was one spot where decent loot could be gained for ascending heros. I recently had TC20 running 3 spots for about a month and along with a Joon that I got from a summons, TC20 gave me Vivica, Domitia, Obakan, Khagan and Elena. I wish it gave me a blue and green but I do have decent blues and greens(Mel, Gaderius, Kiril, Triton, Grimm).
I gave my 6 tabbards to Domitia after getting feedback here(crazy that Joon at 3.70 hits his special as hard as she does maxed, can’t wait for SHiloh to get the last darts to ascend him). But I still have to choose between Khagan and Elena. Leaning towards Khagan for defense and leaving Elena at 3.70 until I get more mats or hopefully I get Marjana or a luck red summons since I dropped from c2p down to f2p.
Anyone else agree that is time to reset the loot to the original levels? I know this is a common “trick” that is done in console and PC games to cut the loot to very low levels then when the give it a slight increase it looks like they are giving you better stuff despite being less than the original loot. Anyone know if this is being addressed?

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