RAID CHALLENGE - Calling all raiders!

How fast can you win 6 straight raids ?

6 flags, 6 wins, no skips & no monochrome.

I’m gonna clock this first pass at officially 10:46"


oooooohhhhh. FUN.

I’m out atm, but I will for sure do this tonight.


Nice like the Athena and Master Lepus combo! Bit of Nivanna :slight_smile:




My current favorite…


Sweet !!! Best time so far, amazing work…

Time to improve my time, lol.

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I saw the post, went in cold… didn’t even fast forward my raid chest or alter my teams. Got very lucky. Almost didn’t make it :wink:

Haha, that’s exactly how I did it, I hit the record button and figured it would make for an interesting challenge… You killed it !

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Thanks! I love little challenges like this. Good post! I’ll admit I didn’t look at your video until afterward. Thought 'oh no, was I supposed to go through my tower…"

Also, a good challenge would be “no skip, 6 flag, choose your best team no changes”

Perhaps after this thread has run its course.

That would be sweet… We used to run challenges like these in my alliances more often before. It keeps things fun and our skills polished I guess…

@Razor Might want to consider start tracking some of these to crown a king/queen of raid challenges ?


hey stranger :raising_hand_woman:t3: :hugs:
Ooohh this was fun. Couldn’t do 6 for 6. I did 1 team, no skips, no mono, went 4 then flop. lol. But I’m gonna try again. I’ll post the vid when I get 6 for 6. (No judging on slipping fingers :laughing:)

PS. Can I copy this challenge for my alliance?:eyes:


Hey girl… Yes it’s actually bunch of fun, kinda sucks losing one because it resets your attempt, haha, but it’s cool when you get it done in a respectable time… Have fun with your alli doing this one and similar challenges. I’ll try to post a few more more often. Helps keep things fun…

And good luck, I know you got this !


456,. Lost the forth, I’m out. My oponentes are all above 4200, 4300 tp. And the possibility of gaining 40+ cups. Hoo and itbtokk me 10 minutes

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Lol, let me get thru 6 for 6 first before attempting a “respectable” time. :laughing: then getting the playlist right :sweat_smile::sweat_smile: And yes! please do post more challenges.

Ahem ahem @Razor. Let’s do this :muscle:t3::muscle:t3::muscle:t3:

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Wow I realize I can’t forum well. Bella told me about this challenge. It was so fun to do. Took me exactly 10min to do 6wins using the same team and no rerolling. I will try to figure out how to post my video.


Did my run in 9:15. Not record breaking, but I had fun and I think I did pretty well!


No mono? I’m out. Hard no.


10mins is time worthy of mild bragging right :sweat_smile: you should be proud… Only way I know how to post videos here is by uploading them to YouTube then posting the link in post. Good luck !

Also, you actually completed a different challenge, which is to use same team on all 6 raids. That’s really cool and I’d imagine a bit tougher in most cases. Sweet !

It still a sweet time my man… It’s all about the fun factor in the end, glad you gave it a go !!! Thx for sharing…

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