Raid bug with Gregorion


Hi Everybody!
I raid with boril, gravemaker and kadilen, I use boril skill the nearby allies are gravemaker and Kadilen. The enemy has Gregorion and use his special skill on kadilen when she has counter attack, Kadilen has ~900damage, but Gregorion didnt damaged :frowning:
Thank for read


Did Kadilen live or die? They made a change to Riposte in V15 that both nerfed and broke Riposte. After hearing the uproar, they’ve decided to roll back the change in V15.1.


Kadilen is live ~had 90-100life points


Maybe a Sabina or Melendor dispelled first without you noticing it


No! The enemy had Kiril, Thorne, Li Xiu, Boldtusk and Gregorion !!!