Raid Bug or Freak Accident?

At 2:20pm, cst, I was winning a raid. I had 3 heroes left with full mana. The opposing team had lost everyone but Melendor who was almost dead. I clicked Valen , he shot his freezing ice but it wasn’t completed because Melendor made a move then the raid screen distorted, blinked. All of my heroes immediately died and the raid abruptly ended.
I wasn’t having server problems or any kind of game problems. My phone was fine. I could have raided again but now I’m leery of raiding.

Sounds like a temporary disruption. I just raided with 6 flags and no issues.

Can’t help with what caused it, though… sorry :unamused:

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Its okay. Im not sure there is an answer. It was a mind-bender. It might have been too much sudden activity. Ive been shot in the past while I was shooting. Ive actually watched enemy shots sail thru my troops as they were attacking. They never hurt me. This time was quite different.

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