Raid Battles – which heroes should I level up?

Ok, I’m new to this and am having problems in raids, I have been doing alright, but seem to have hit a wall. My initial team is Evelyn, Wilbur, Leonidas, Bane and Friar Tuck. Bane and Friar Tuck are leveled all the way up. This is the team I am using, but I switch back and forth between Gunnar and Bane, Gunnar is also leveled up.

My other heroes are Captain of Diamonds, Tiburtus, Chao, Azar, Gadeirus, Kaditen, Mnesseus, Gobbler, Dawa, Chochin and Little John. Are there any heroes that are not in my main team that I should start focusing on leveling up. Thanks for any suggestions.

Tibertus chao and gadeirus . All solid allrounders. Tibertus for titans especially.

Focus on 4* heroes. Keep the 5* for later (about 6 to 8 month into the game), when you’ll get the materials for ascending them. A solid base of about 10 to 15 maxed 4* heroes will get you access to all available game content, and allow you to get the available ascension materials and emblems. Keep in mind that a 4* with a well developed talent grid will be just as strong as a 5* without the emblems, but a lot easier to ascend and cheaper to max-up. They will also allow you to join a decent level alliance, fight some strong titans and have something to say in wars. Raid mastery comes later, don’t focus on raids from the very beginning… Learn about stacking colors to take down tanks, learn about team synergy, learn about positioning heroes on the field, learn about taking down higher TP teams for lots of cups, don’t rush into revenge runs if you don’t have the right heroes for that fight. Then you will climb arenas up to diamond! Getting there is kind of easy, but prepare a really strong defense team if you intend to stay there :grinning: This forum is a good place to learn things about the game.


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