Raid battle starts with a loss

Raid battle just started today. Went in to play and my account has one loss against me.

Do you mean the Raid Tournament? That actually started yesterday.

Did it. Maybe played in my sleep. Ok. Ignore previous complaint. Sorry to bother you


No worries, glad it was an easy solution!

And maybe it’s time for more sleep. :slight_smile:


I, of course, realize the ironic in the last answers, but just to make sure.

There is no hidden rule that provides one loss if I pass one day of the tournament, right?

Are you sure it wasn’t a defence loss.

The penalty for passing is scoring zero points on offense. But there is no formal loss on offense awarded that we are aware of. You should still have all 4 available as far as I know.

Your defense will continue to be attacked as normal whether or not you attack anyone else, and so your defense might accumulate multiple losses even though you didn’t attack anyone yourself.

OK, thanks a lot for the explanation.

However, Iam not the one who opened the thread, I was just wondering if it could have something to do with the first day he has passed.

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Yup, I saw that. But since you asked in the form of “I,” I answered in the form of “you.” I figured that was what you wanted :slight_smile:

It was a good question, and I was happy to l answer!

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