Raid battle results - show us the craziest team that beat your defense

With Version 40 on the way and the new feature that let you see the team that attacked you I thought it would be funny and maybe impressive in some cases if you show us the craziest, funniest, most unexpected or outstanding teams that beat your defense.

Your 4800TP Ninja def got beaten with some season 1 4* heroes? :crazy_face:
Some madlad attacked your superb defense with only 2 heroes and destroyed you completely? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
Someone used only 3* heroes and humiliated your proud bera? :dizzy_face:

Whatever you encountered let us know. Let people with smaller roosters (or crazy ideas) see what is possible.

Of course everyone who feels like can show us the team that beat their defense, but I think the more extraordinary the more interesting for the community.

What I don’t want, please, is some 2 pages long rant how it’s possible, that some S1 heroes can beat your 5k$ Ninja def. There are other threads for that :wink:


Maybe not so crazy, but it’s indeed strong team

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Nice thread idea, will try to remember to post some of the interesting ones here! So far nothing that surprising yet

I myself got the update a few hours ago, so far nothing extraordinary, some mono teams and one 3-2. And for sure already too many lord loki copying my Alfrike :rofl:

This was just a friendly but it’s inspired me to take this on tour and see what it can beat

So I’m hoping I can get some silly teams on peoples towers :joy:

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This is one I used on someone for fun


Goofing off

July 22, 2021 - YouTube

I’m enjoying seeing the teams used against me.

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I’ve only had one attack against me so far where I could see the team used.

Mono Red against my LotL. I am expecting to see me defeated by lots of Skadi’s.

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I leave lotl alone with my grimble and skadi teams. By the time minions come you might have your mana stolen and then it’s lights out. I far prefer hunting beras and freyas


I still can’t see a lot, but it seems loki likes my defense…

Like @Homaclese said before, I’m also never taking skadi against Lotl, the risk is just to high.
I need skadi after Lotl fired and especially in double formation with her in the middle and 5 swords it’s really risky that skadi looses her mana.
And my skadi team is just for survival, that she can fire guaranteed and kill some minions. If skadi dies or can’t fire, this team most of the time won’t win…


Thanks for the feedback. I’d always just assumed between the seshat and LotL minions that the stack chance for Skadi would’ve been huge.

This is the most interesting one on my alfrike defence

It did not go well for them.

Meanwhile this is how I’m getting my kicks

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