Raid Attack... What is going on?

There was an issue before with raiding in which raid targets didn’t appear as they should.

The update around 11 days ago seem to have fixed the issue.


Thank you @Mananabas…that explanation makes a whole lot more sense!

Ummm…if the fix happened 11 days ago, then why is the issue still being posted only 17 hours ago?

Doesn’t make sense to me.


Perhaps because no-one has been able to give a straight answer as to why the raid attacks have increased!!?

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Not sure how a fix from 11 days ago helps explain a raiding"problem" today??

There is no problem. It can all easily be explained based on the OP’s information. This isn’t the X files.

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Dude, your explanation only frustrates further! As a daily active player, I have noticed the increase on attacks and i have not shifted arenas for more than a month!! Your condescending tone is most distasteful too! Rather leave the answers to those in the know?


The OP did say the raids started to increase “about a week or so”.

Sorry it frustrating you. You must be easily frustrated! Try yoga.

Btw, as I come from a top 50 Alliance, I kill 10* titans and finish A+ or A each time, in beta and the active players lounge area of the forum, I would say I am more in the know than you “dude”.

PS. “dude”? Seriously? Lol

Yet the fix was almost 2 weeks ago and this was just posted less than a day ago.

The issue then which was seemingly fixed around 11 days ago is that some accounts including my own were not being raided regularly (almost no direct raids night after night in 2100 cup range with a 2800 power team for two weeks). And the fix was I got raided as well as a few others that said they were and this includes the OP.

I’m saying that OP being raided is a result of the fix.


did you try to reshape your team to change the heroes of place…
you can try to put 3 healer in your defense team…
you have to test all the possibilities
Good game

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I am sooooooo offended…(just joking). Thank you for the advice, because I just didn’t know what I should do.
I love the way you said that, I needed a good laugh and some help. Thanx again

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That is my goal. I’ve noticed teams with multiple healers are hard to beat. But as I’ve learned, I need to build build up my team

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You need 3 healers for this, in the first place. Also, 3 healers might be good at AW defence team where arrows work as attack force, but in raid defence 3 healers look too passive to me.

Three healers in raid defense is basically putting out a sign saying ‘Free ham and iron!’ by my observation.


Ok… So it’s clear that this just might be apart of the game, which is fine.
I love the challenge and I learn more about the different heros from raids. So bring it on! I’m ready for the ambush lol
I wish they allowed you to leave comments after you raid, because I’ve often just wanted to let the person know that they have a solid team.

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So, that might be an option for AW? That is another area that makes go crazy, because of those arrow attacks.

Ok, that is something to look at. I use only one but I’m working on leveling Kiril

It works fairly well for alliance wars when dealing with significantly weaker opponents. Ones closer to your own level will probably be able to crack it without too much trouble, possibly even one-shot a mostly healer alliance wars defense.

Stop stop stop!!! With the ■■■■■■■ raids
I can t more#!!@@@@
Leave me alone, I become crazy aaaarrrrgghhhhhh:face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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