Raid Attack... What is going on?

Here is the basics: I’m level 31, have a defense team power of 3200+, and I had 1900 trophies (at my high).
For the last week or so, every time I log back into the game, I find that I have been raided. Sometimes I can break even, but in a 24 hour period, I’ve been hit at least 10x.
I’ve changed my team line up, but that didn’t help. I’ve been playing this game for a long time and I’ve never been attacked like this before. My question is, could this be a result of being at a higher level? Is it because of the awards available at different levels, or am I just thinking too much and it’s just the game?

Either way, is ok, but it is frustrating because in one day I lost over 100 trophies. Except for trying to stay online to avoid being attacked, I’m clueless as to how to lessen the impact of the attack. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.


You have the dubious distinction of being at the point in the game where you are at the ‘sweet spot’ for trophy total. People at around your trophy level have generally developed their watchtower enough to have a good amount of Ham/Iron to reap in raids and are therefore worthwhile targets for raiding. Experienced players will drop cups to reach about 1700 to 1900 cups in order to raid-farm for resources.



Some comments:

*I think your 3200 level and 1900 cups is playing a bit over your head (you’ve done well). Normally I would expect to see a 3200 level players between 1700-1800 maybe. As such your competition at the 1900 level will be stronger, more often than not.

  • Some stronger players purposely cup drop to be able to fight easier opponents which in turn makes it easier to fill up a raid chest and get much needed ham and iron. The rewards between diamond and platinum aren’t significant so why not? I float between 2350 to 2500 cups and believe me, the air is pretty thin up there! Lol. Usually 4000+ team power opponents (I am at 4050 team power on offense and 3850 on defense).

  • To give you some context, I raided up to the 2745 level 3 nights ago (made it to rank #3 for a cup of coffee). I lost about 320 cups overnight! Lol! That is the nature of the beast.

  • Of course the heroes you choose for defense will make a difference too but ultimately it has more to do with the above.


Wait, for you 10 times in a 24h time lapse is much?


Lol… That is why I love this game and this forum. Yes, I did think 10 was a lot, but after reading info and suggestions, maybe it isn’t…lol


Mary, I kinda remember your name (it’s quite rememberable!) and confess I have raided your hams within the last several weeks. :grimacing:

I think there may be a ham farming nerf in the upcoming update so that may help a bit, but honestly 10 raids a day ain’t that much. I get about the same.



I’m pleased with my team, I just have to work on getting them to their Max capability. Your insight is very useful and appreciated.

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Havok… Yes you have and yes you did…lol. well, that’s why I love chatting on the forum, because I went from being raided maybe 5xa month, to 8-10 daily. I’m thinking it must be a glitch…lol


If it makes you feel any better, I’ve throw away ham theiving lifestyle in anticipation of said nerf, and have been enjoying raiding in my my own weight class. That’s one less to be raiding you at least. :grin:


My pleasure Mary M.

As an aside, based on the screenshot you included - and pardon me for saying so - but your hero leveling strategy leaves much to be desired (with all due respect to Madam Magdalene)

Focus! You are scattered all over the place. So instead of having a core of max levelled strong heroes, you have heroes neither here or there. You have some excellent heroes…pick 1 or 2 and just feed them until maxed and move on to the next one.

Just my .02 :wink:


Something got changed in the game in the past two weeks or so. Perhaps, they have changed tracking of inactivity time, but the result is that I’m raided much more often than a month before.

Previously, to fill a raid chest I did active raiding, now I mostly revenge for that.

I’ve also been raided by a person from the Forum. :slight_smile:

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Sometimes when you have a hero chest to fill there is no mercy for friends or forum people lol. Definitely more raiding and getting raided going on. My trophy level is keeping steady around 1900 due to people raiding me and I would like it even lower. So go ahead and raid me, just don’t expect any free ham or iron! Hmph!


Of course. Nothing personal, just business. :sunglasses:


It is not a glitch. It is the way of things. As you develop your keep, you will be raided more often. Even without raiding your watchtower you will be raided more often. Those of us in the top 100 raid each other mercilessly and many of us in the top 5 Alliances are in the same Line chat, so when we do happen to raid each other we post the videos. If someone from our own alliance happens to be out and about on errands or helping another alliance, well, needless to say they may find a video in the common chat room waiting for them when they come back. Its all in fun.

As you advance in the game you learn to accept the lability of cup level as a part of the game and realize that it will vary, but it will hover within a particular level. If someone is going to raid me, I have no problem with it being a friend of mine. Just don’t forget to post that Video!


Don’t worry too much about cups lost, after you log out they measure attacker’s bad luck/poor hero rooster (+cups) or that they were way too strong for your defense.

I’m no stranger to lose over 200 cups overnight but when I skip a raiding day then my defense fight with “poor roostered” players and I return around 2100 cups (3400 team power defense)

In the end what peoples want is

  1. to be 1st, but you need heroes & troops
  2. resources

And I want food, I’ve got mouths i gotta feed

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@MaryMagdalene Its not just you. The same thing is happening to me AND 3 other players I have spoken to. We are all at different levels in the game. From a level 5 (yes 5) to 39.
I have been raided more times in the last 2 weeks, than in the entire 9 months Ive been playing the game! Our lvl 5 was raided so much, he’s stopped trying to get cups.

But by far the biggest “glitch” has been the fact that we have all been raided by players who have much higher TP than us! I thought it was capped at 300 above and 300 below. One player was raided by someone 400+ above them, as was I.

Can anyone help shed some light on this??

I will add some screenshots to this post later today to show the excessive amount of raids as well as the unfair matching of players.

Any advice is welcome & appreciated. :blush:


@MaryMagdalene as a postscript, I believe this screenshot says it all! Lol (what I woke up to this morning…a total of 17 raids)

But the good news is, that before that happened, I got u to #6 (in game I am Rancid Plague)


Hi @Justice01. See my earlier comments above which, in part, speak to this phenomenon (post #3)

As I understand it, raid matchups are based on cups and not team power. Stronger players will often cup drop to get higher scores of ham and iron and feed on the lower ranked players to help in filling their raid chests (some will say that they will also cup drop to help their alliance get a more favourable matchup in AW)

What you described is not a glitch. Happens all the time. I went from over 2700 cups down to just under 2400 overnight. Pity those 2400 cup teams when I start my climb back up! They might be thinking the same thing as you! :wink:


I have been playing (and raiding) for almost 6 months now… I have been in the Platinum Arena for a good two months now and the raiding has definitely increased over the last two/three weeks. My whole alliance noticed the increase on attacks too, so something has definitely changed recently!


Maybe there is also another reason: since some months you can get special avatars for fullyfying raiding missions. (tuck, domitia, quintus). This could be a motivation for many players to start raiding …