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Snce the update when I go raiding it keeps defaulting to my defense team, not to the last team used. Which is quite annoying, but not really a bug in itself. But on my last raid I went to edit my team and swiped to the correct team after I pressed edit, editted the team and pressed raid and to my big surprise I went in with my defense team. Needless to say that didn’t go very well, I raided a team with a Vivica tank and Alberich on the left side with no healers and no dispellers on my rainbow defense team, lol. After I editted my raid team (in the raid screen after I found the opponent, just to be clear) I just assumed I would go in with that, so I didn’t double check, doesn’t feel very intuitive how it is now.

Edit: the rematch with the correct team did go a lot better :wink:

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I prefer it to go as “my last team”. I’d dearly love buttons to assign various teams: Defense (Raid), Offense (Raid), Titan, Alliance Wars, Quest.

I know Event remembers my three teams (Beginner, etc). Naturally, I want just one more button for team Map/Province, but that’s me being picky… :wink:


Do you use slot 1 for your defence team?
I’ve always noticed it’s reverted to whichever team is in the first slot, so I make sure I only use that slot for my raid offence team (since I’m lazy and never change it)

That’s what I’m seeing, it is reverting to slot 1.

Yes, I found out it isn’t reverting back to the defense team, but to slot 1 (which is my defense team), since someone in my alliance had the same problem, but she actually wanted to raid with her defense team, lol.
It wasn’t like this before the update, it then reverted back to the last team used (raids different than map and titans, why those 2 didn’t revert back to each last used is a mytery to me. I think nobody uses the same team for titans and maps.)

I agree with @Rook, you should be able to assign a raid defense (already there), a raid attack, a titan and a map/quests slot. Still one slot left for whatever team you want to try out somewhere (you still should be able to use a different team than your default). You just really don’t want to know how many times I by accident used my farm team on a titan when I was tired and wanted to do that last hit I got before bed :wink:


I’ve been using slot 1 for Raid Defense. Not sure when I changed that, ‘cause it used to be Team 3… :thinking:

Yup, I’ve always kept my defence team in slot 3 because of this.
Not sure why it’s only just becoming an issue now for you guys though, it’s been that way for me for months.

That is weird, I have been using slot 2 as raid attack for ages and it always defaulted back to that.
It now is very confusing, because when I stay in the game, do other stuff and go raid again, it is still slot 2, but when I go out of the game and come back it is slot 1.
Yes, I know I can easily fix it now by switching the slot for defense and attack (and probably will), but I really shouldn’t have to. It is such an easy fix and asked for repeatedly.

For me the sudden reversions to team 1 are a new issue which only started with the latest update. Previously the game remembered and by default used the last team slot I had used for raiding.

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