Raid atack

In same time several atack and everyone claim bigest trophies. System is very very poor

I wouldn’t worry too much about the raid stuff. It’s not the best part of the game. I just use it as a learning experience.
And the trophy counts doesn’t mean anything in any event.
Stay calm and revenge
Good luck


And while your here, read up on setting up a credible raid defence because that is an ugly sight. :slightly_smiling_face:

You started from almost 2800. That puts you easily in range of the Top 100 players. And even against good teams, Top players will rip through defenses much more often than not.

And being much higher in cup count, you have more cups to lose.


Not sure why it’s under Bugs & Issues :confounded:. Hope you don’t mind, I’ve relocated it to general discussion - although there’s probably an existing thread somewhere. @moderators will know.

This is not a bug but, a daily occurrence for some.


Read up on this article. This is the same system which is used in this game. You climbed too high on the ladder and hence you gave up lot of trophies.

At the end of the day this is what usually happens if you cross 2800 cups, so don’t worry about it. As long as you are in diamond tier when you open raid chest, trophy count don’t mean anything.


very well said. It used to bother me a lot too. Now I try not to raid too often, and choose targets mostly around my cup level so I don’t rise too high. I usually stay at 2500 trophies so I don’t get stressed by my cup levels. I made it to 2796 once, and got knocked down after a couple of hours. It happens.


And just so you know, if you poked your nose into the top 100, you will often get dogpiled, and will be matched by a lot of active players in a short amount of time. That is how the system works. You can even be revenged while on line in the top 100.

But hey, they’re only trophies, you can get em back, and you will

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