Raid Assassination?

Hi all,
Havent been on here for a little while, hope youre all well and killing it on the battlefield!

Anyways, i do enjoy raiding. Currently raiding between 2400 and 2600 cups. This means i meet some awesome team line ups. And, lets be honest, who doesnt get a kick out of facing off against one of the top alliance members and winning!?

I do the VIP and not too many gem purchases, so my bench is still a little lean. But, this does mean i have to work harder to get those cups and play tactfully pairing the best heroes together etc.

So, i faced off against a 7DD member. Which i didnt realize until after the match and then went and told my alliance! Cool. (Wh4tever).

I went for coffee and maybe an hour later logged back in. I had dropped from 2697 to 2004 in around 15 minutes! Yep, THAT many cups! I thought it was pretty awesome. It happens, but then i thought about the speed of the drop. THAT has never happened before.

Maybe it was a warning to not attack the big alliances? Does this go on?

Anyways, its pretty good because i revenged all the raids with a ratio of cups of around 56-7! So, got back into diamond straightaway. And i had a line up of awesome teams to chew through! Frida just loves Ares little head! And Riggard devalues the Gravemaker.


I do love raiding!

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By bragging about it here, you just painted a big red target on your back! :laughing:

Every time I post on the forum, I get raided and lose 20+ times, my next 10 summons result in 3* heroes, and I’m cursed with 7 days of zero unfarmable AMs. You would think I’d learn by now. :crazy_face:

But anyway, congrats on your success / condolences on the loss / and grats again on the subsequent success!


Nah, this isn’t much of a thing. Few players are going to waste precious resources to reroll 500 times to find you specifically among the thousands of potential enemies. That’s Tin Foil Hat territory.


I was joking. I thought the :laughing::crazy_face: emoticons made that obvious.


Okay then. I will try to post in much more literal terms from this point forward so that there are no further misunderstandings.


The bigger they are, the harder they fall…

No one’s gunning for you—I can attest that there’s no back-channel 7DD “let’s kill this guy” chat going on. When I fill my hero chest, I typically end up in top 100–briefly. It’s not unusual for me to then lose 250 trophies. I’m down with that—it just makes it easier to fill the next chest.


Hey Wilbur, why do you refuse to show up at my hundreds of Atlantis summons?

What’s wrong with me?


Absolutely nothing. You are fabula!

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Yes it does make it easier to fill the next chest, i had never dropped quite so many cups before though! I thought it unlikely there was such a “list” going on but wouldnt it be marvellous!



250 trophyes is ok but he lose almost 700​:scream_cat::scream_cat::scream_cat::scream_cat::scream_cat:

It happens to me too if I climb to about 2800 cups. It’s because many strong players are attacking you simultaneously because they reroll to find opponent with many cups.
Although I never dropped below about 2350 cups. Could you post your defense?


That’s definitely not unusual. That is possible because the attacks are taking place at the same time so they all get very high cup ratios, based on your high cup count versus their much lower ones. You are attacked by players in low diamond or even high platinum who might have great attacking capabilities and if your defense ain’t sturdy as rock you will loose hundreds of cups in minutes. I suspect that whenever you hit a certain amount of cups the game paints a big red target on your back so your name will be pushed as a high priority on the re-rolling player’s lists. Happened to me more than once, so it’s nothing new to me, just part of the game. Still I’ve never been kicked back for more than 600 cups, so far… But, hey, seems @MaralynManson holds the record right now :wink:

Unusual it isn’t! But unfair it is…

I would think that at the 2600 cup level, the players that can see you for raids are probably more active, and the pool of players to attack is much smaller. Perhaps this is why you see more attacks and dramatic cup losses than when in 2000 cup level where there are way more people to choose from?

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Sorry, but it’s funny. From another thread

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