Raid Arena with capped team power ranges

There should be a building called the ARENA
The raid menu can be accessed from there, and the classic based on raid trophies raid will be renamed to “Ladder”.
Make a new style of raid called “Arena” which would have the following Team Power Ranges:
up to 2000
Every month the players with the top 100 Arena trophy count in each range will get prizing.
Note that Ladder trophies are separate items and the classic ladder raids will still exist.

The reason I suggest this is every player levels up their heroes individually, but once they get a new shiny 5* hero, it takes a very long time to get it leveled enough before you can even really start using it in your main lineup.
However if there was raid areas then you can make up teams in different TP ranges and use them the whole time your leveling them up.

  • It would open a whole new strategy to the game as now its not just your most powerful team (defense team) that matters, but you can have a full roster of teams designed to excel in a specific power band.
  • Being ascension stuck will be less of an issue since a hero at 3/70 might be optimal in a lower difficulty setting.
  • players would use their heroes at all levels of experience, not just maxxed
  • It would promote buying more team spaces in your roster.

It would introduce a new play style and defense formations, eg
supertank: 1 maxed 5* and 4 unleveled 3*'s is below 2000, but would be a challenge to a regular 5 man team at 2000 TP. To be more annoying, put the 5* in a corner, and use 4 belith or brienne :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Other team layouts with 3 or 2 max heros and leveled filler just barely fitting into the upper end of a power band might be a valid strategy, of course depending on what heroes used.

Pokémon GO does something different.

They cap the Team Power of each individual hero. And they half the raid team.

It is lots of fun to fight the equivalent of 4* 1.40 or 5* 2.60 HotM.

So I would prefer a setup like

450 Heroes Power x3 slots
650 Hero Power x3 slots
Unlimited x3 slots

So basically just center and flanks.

Would Guinevere be better or worse with no corner? Mother North? Grimm? Boldtusk? Gunnar? Valen?



I had originally voted for this but decided to withdraw my vote. My reasoning is essentially the same as the premise of this thread. If you limit the TP, you will end up facing the same defenses over and over again, right down to emblem count and troop level. I liked the idea, but I’m no longer convinced that it would offer the variety of raid experiences that I thought it would.

I also do still like the idea for the simple fact that it protects newbies from facing cup droppers and idle teams with TP levels twice their own.

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