Raid Arena Challenge


I think it would be pretty fun to have a Raid Arena set-up similar to the challenge events. There would be a Rare, Epic, and Legendary Arena. It would have the same mechanics as a normal raid but with special rules same as in the challenge events.

Rare - only 3* heroes and 1 or 2* troops can be used. Set up a 3* defense team and challenge others with your own 3* teams.

Epic - 3* or 4* heroes can be used and 1, 2, or 3* troops can be used.

Legendary - Any heroes can be used and any star troops can be used.

Each arena will have it’s own ranking system and maybe even a little reward like a random world/titan/raid flask or something every once in awhile for being top 10,000 or 1,000 or whatever. I think this will add more incentive to having a strong 3* and 4* roster as well as providing a more level playing field for everyone. It would most certainly be challenging and would truly test the skill and mettle of top players and new players. It will let you use your 3* heroes more instead of just as clean-up in war or for challenge events.


I tought about a similar thing. Either in an arena or in “another raid system”.
My thoughts are a handicapped raid where you can get more/different resources (or something) using a handicapped team.

You have either a

  • self handicap: You have to use heros with -1 or -2 stars (either one, two or more of your own heros, based on the “difficulty” of the handicap) than the enemys team
  • opponent handicap: In which one or more heros of the opponent will be blacked out so you can’t see them until you begin the fight

I hope a new PVP (besides alliance vs alliance which is a whole different story) system will come out soon.


To keep things simple, just roll this in to the existing raid system and keep using cups as the reward for successful raiding. While the cup value should be tweaked for the various arena environments, the main goal is to set this up such that to get to the top of the leader board, players would have to excel at all arenas.

This, more than anything else, would encourage players to take 3* heroes more seriously and engage players at all skill levels. Newer and FtP players would have a very fair chance at the 3* arena since the troops are common and cheap enough to max.

But the real competition would come in the 4* arena. Because the really over powered cards tend to be 5* and most of the useful abilities in the game are given to 4* heroes, this would enhance the value of those heroes. I heard the Li Xiu was once the most popular tank in the game until Guinevere took that spot. This was before my time, I never bothered to ascend 4th and she’s been sitting in my roster at 3-60 for 6 months or longer. This could spark a comeback and encourage people to really consider 4* heroes as part of the game.