Raid and wars

Sorry friend, no offense intended here, but you seem to be missing out on how this game works… there is no “one team” here… you choose your team from your hero roster depending on what is it you are facing at a specific moment. Maybe this is why you don’t like raiding… you can’t raid against everybody with the same team. It just doesn’t pay off… of course you are free to do exactly what you like to.


If you don’t raid, participate in wars or hit titans your progress will slow to a crawl. You’ll be missing out on a ton of loot. Just killing monsters on the map gets super boring, it’s basically a chore just for the sake of farming materials. That’s why loot tickets exist.

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I don’t mind the titans it is just the wars and raiding. I know I will miss out on stuff.

Raids and wars are what adds depth to the game. This is what allows for nearly unlimited combination of challenges, with continous increase of difficulty level, tied to your individual or your alliance power level. I am sure sooner or later you will realize that, once you clean the map and all pvm experience you will have is replaying all the same levels against the same monsters over and over again plus a single daily titan.

I too hope that SG will add some kind of collaborative pvm experience that adds a sense of ongoing effort and at the same time does not suck your world energy (like eg. hard Atlantis levels) that hinders your recruit farming etc. Not because I do not like raiding or wars, but rather because they are right now literally the only part of the game that rewards you for your hard work, time (and money) invested to building the hero roster.


I’m a non pvp person in other games… I was frustrated at first when I started but in fact that many loses gave me experience and opened my raid mission chest was often giving me epic hero and troops tokens to strengthen my team further… so take your time, ask questions and most importantly have Fun! :blossom:

Try raiding stronger teams than yours.
Nice to win then and if you lose, less cups will be lost.
And a loss won’t bother you as much.
Or leave wars and raidings out.
Never mind, play it like you want - just to have fun and a good time :slight_smile:

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