Raid and wars

I am struggling playing in wars and raids. I really do not like it at all. Can I progress without being in an Alliance and not do wars or raid?

Yes you can but your progression will be slower as in an alliance.

Thanks. I don’t mind that.

You can also find an alliance that doesn’t do wars or considers them optional, and still hit titans that way.

@Phoenix13 What trouble are you having with raids? Perhaps we can help

I don’t like them.Never liked any form of PVP or raids in any games I played. I am in a very nice alliance but I just do not want to do wars or raid anymore and I was wondering if I can play this game without and alliance.

You certainly can, but you give up the chance of ascension materials from titans and titan chests. Is your alliance willing to let you opt out of wars? That way you wouldn’t be counted in matching.

Yes, I am in a great alliance but if I can’t add to the team I don’t think it is fair to be in one.

If you opt out of wars, you aren’t counted in matching. They’ll be matched with a slightly weaker opponent, so your absence won’t hurt them. That way you still get titans

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I’ll have a chat with the leader.

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Phoenix, May I ask what level you are and what your team looks like?

I am level 22 and I have one good team I think. The rest is a mess to be honest. I don’t like having different teams and working on them.

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Okay, good, are you color stacking when raiding/warring?

Honestly, early on, I did not like raiding that much. Generally you raid with a rainbow team which really puts you at the mercy of the board you get. I would get to a point and the only teams I could beat were a minor cup gain. That is just a sign you raided higher than your defense can support.

When you learn to color stack and know what players your style can beat it gets much better. Now, I like raiding and really enjoy war.

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Also, we war against teams that are mostly 3K+ defenses. We have a few members that are level <15 that don’t stand a chance. We leave damaged teams for them to beat. It helps us score wise and makes them feel like they are helping…which they are.

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If I raid I raid with a rainbow team. And I always make sure the other team is a much lower then I am. I have trouble enough in raiding, I don’t get it at all, so the colour stacking is not something I am interested in at all. I just want to stop raiding and do wars. I am truly done with them. It is too frustrating.

You can opt out from war if your alliance allows, then you would not impact their matching and the others can still fight. If that doesn’t fit your current alliance, you could find one where war is optional or they don’t fight it at all (i recall to see alliance ads like that).

Raiding is easier when you have more than 5 good heroes and can vary your team setup. I like pvp here, much less intrusive than in other games (no real damage done to the opponent), but if you prefer pvm I think the game is completely playable with titans only, just the amount of loot/mats is smaller without pvp.

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Get out of the alliance you are in and form your own one person alliance. Set it to invite only and allow no one else to join. This way you will still be able to hunt for titans and nobody will bother you with wars… I do think that you are missing out on the best part of the game, raiding…

I have no desire to form any kind of alliance of my own

I have opted out of the war and will concentrate on building one team and see how I go from there. The alliance I am is a very good alliance with awesome people.


Sounds like a perfect solution for you

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