Raid and War are they chosen?

Was digging around and I’m not find any definitive (or even recent) information.

Two questions:

  1. On what parameters are war opponents selected? I’m in a relatively new alliance and although we have a couple of heavy hitters, we also have a tonne of players with very few decent heroes or one strong team and a bunch of unleveled 2-3 stars. Makes for some very 1-sided battles.

  2. How are Raid opponents selected? My top team is about 3650 or so. I end up wasting a tonne of food in the search because 90% of the presented teams are 4000-4600 which is way out of my weight class. I can usually knock down a player in the high 3000’s depending on hero composition. My only guess is that because I’m hovering in Diamond league that I’m punching way above my weight class and I’m being fed targets that are in Diamond.

War Match Order from Top to Bottom Factor Priority

  • The best 30 heroes in hero roster of each Alliance member opted in for war
  • Out of the 30 heroes, the most weight is put on the best five heroes of each Alliance member
  • Player count of the Alliance (also subtracting those who have opted out) - they try to get an even number of players on both sides, but it can vary by up to three members.
  • The troop strength of the best in each element
  • War history (minor impact compared to Hero Power)

War Point

It is based on HP (health).



For wars see the following:

For raids, the opponents are chosen purely based on the number of trophies you have, you will get matchups with players within +/- 300 trophy range.

Thanks. So I was right. I’m hitting above my weight class. So the only way to fix the raid options is to trophy dump.

Unless you are a veteran player or a complete beginner, I would suggest you not to practice cup dropping. Practicing raids against strong opponents in raids will teach you how to effectively build attack teams using colour stacking, hero synergy and board skills. Remember, that in wars you will always be hitting above your weight class six times in a row. What better way to practice than in raids.


Please don’t become one of them. Just run mono in raids. You’ll spend a lot less time raiding, and you’ll have a better chance against the teams they give you.

How many maxed heros do you have and who are they?



Here is my current raid team, and my 4* or higher. Getting stronger pretty quickly. I’ve played with different versions and this one is usually the most successful. Even if I take some early pain, this team stabilizes really well as long as the tiles cooperate.

I’m not looking to hit small players. No use in that. I was thinking about trophy dumping to get my targets back in the 3500-3900 levels. It’s difficult to fill in my raid chest when I’m running up against max 5* teams. My focus right now is chest collection because I need ascension materials to increase my team strengths. I have a backlog of heroes I can’t finish and not enough materials to max out new ones unless they’re 3* which isn’t helping me outside of restricted tournaments and events.

I spend a little money but I’m not going to go by the large $40 packages just to get a pair of fine gloves or a warm cloak.

@ThePirateKing not looking to drop to bronze or anything. That’s useless in my current state. I’m pretty engrained in platinum with small forays in Diamond.

As far as Wars, I’m much better now. I’m usually good for 200-250 pts which I think isn’t too bad considering my last few attacks are colour stacked teams that are full of unleveled heroes.

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Yes, that is silly, but a dblade :).

I suspect your issue is Tellie is pushing your cup range up and you are having issues beating the teams you are getting now. I suspect if you pull Tellie out and put in Boril as tank things would get easier.

@ItsaDragon yeah that’s fair. She’s just sooo good. I can’t count how many times she has pulled me to a win over a Kunchen team. Where does he drop by the way? I would give my left arm for a Kunchen. He’s just ridiculous.

Yes, good news is, you got a great tank The bad news is, you got a great tank.

FYI - your defense could really use some hitters.


This is what I’m running on defence. It’s a weird set up. Sometimes I log on and see 7 wins and 180 trophies and then I see the opposite. But as it currently stands between this team and my attack team I’m an average 2300 player.

Just added Horghall to my collection from Wonderland draw. I would trade half of my 4* heroes for an Alice but it’s just not meant to be this time around.

My third green 5*. Problem is I don’t have a green healer (except for Telluria) and I have almost no green ascension materials.

Welcome to E&P…

by the way, just noticed you don’t have a maxed Grimm. After you finish with Kiril I would work on him.

Yeah, Grimm and Tiberius and Scarlett were on my shortlist. But now that I have a maxed Rigard w/costume, Tiberius might get pushed for a while.

Tibs is a defense down for 3…or 5 with costume. Defense down is better than attack buffs.

They are selected based on the unwritten rule - if game frustrates you enough with nonsense matches maybe you will spend $.

I ran into Heimdall in a raid the other day and he’s ridiculous. I knew he was great, but what I didn’t know at the time was that his 500hp ability stacks. I held my own in the raid to the point where I hit the 5 min warning, but at one point I was fighting a Black Knight with 3000HP. I couldn’t put damage the health being applied enough to make a difference. In that case, he actually had Heimdall on the outside wing position to protect him. See below for the team. Near the end of the battle all of his guys were between 2400-3000 HP. And what is more ridiculous is that his Heimdall and Telluria weren’t even close to being maxed out. Took a screenshot of his BK stats after the 5 min warning.

With stacking being a thing, I would think a team with 2x Heimdall would be amazing, and probably borderline immortal with a tank and some support to keep them alive long enough to go off once each.