Raid and War Defense Help - What Setup to use?

I am wondering if you can all help with what setup to use for each War type (Arrow, Rush, etc).
We always use Purple Tanks.

Hel/cHel will be at +20 soon, i am slowly maxing her (no ham or iron)

None of my 5* are LB2, and some 4* are LB2 so that’s why I included those (Rigard, Li Xiu, Kalo, Kiril)
(Each one of those except Kalo has 2 costumes - including Boldtusk)

Any and all input/suggestions appreciated

(I have a lot of 5/ that are also at /1 still, like Kadilen + 2 costumes, Elkanen + 2 costumes, Obakan +2 costumes, Misty, and more and a few at 3/70 or close to 3/70)

For non rush I am thinking: Maat - Jana - C.Hel - Jove - Ceto

I could also see C.Perseus on the wing given their interaction with C.Hel.
I don’t see the value in doing any other set up for any other war.

Rush I’m less sure of and not sure what all changes. I think Jove is still better than your other holy options. Maybe Neith could move up above Jana, but that’s a big stat sacrifice (as long as you still would use double holy flankers). I’d use Kalo of Maat.
I’m not sure who would be better than Ceto.
I could even see C.Hel flanked by Ludwig (just so she can’t be hit in the first three turns).

What do you currently use?

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I have actually been messing around a lot with my raid defense because I am never "happy2 with it, so I have tried a lot of things, but right now for example I am trying:

c2Rigard / Ma’at / cHel / cPerseus / Jana

Most of the time I was running Ludwig tank (he is only LB1, not LB2 unfortunately), and then I was messing with flanks and wings. They always seem very hit-or-miss.

I tried Louhi tank in the last war, and I can’t remember who else - I think Jana as a flank and c2Marjana was there and c2Rigard. It did ok, but it might of just been bad luck for the opposite team.

I would make LB2-Ludwig a priority. At the same time cross your fingers and hope they don’t nerf him.

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