Raid and war are not funny anymore

Yep. Topic says all.
To many op heros are released in such a short time.
Heros that can wipe out youre team with 1 hit…
And not very slow…

Balance? Hey, where are you ?
Raid you loose most of the time because extreme op enemies…search 20 times to find a player to raid and hope to win…rng here rng there and rng boards…

Its not funny anymore.
I play this game for years now and bever had a chance to get one of the op heros…
I played season 5 and got only a 4* hero that isnt really good…

Tldr, thus game is ■■■■■■■ t…and i regret every single cent i spend in to this game…and im not alone…

So many wrong things changed from ssg only for the money…people that played this game for years are quitting because of this…a few join this game and delet it after a while…this game is dying…


You mean fun or funny? Raids have never been funny. If you aren’t having fun that’s for you to decide if you still want to play.


Seriusly raid is absolutly broken completly with that much powercreep.
Facing 5300-5744!!!Teams is ridiculus.
Searching 20-30 times for an even raid is not funny.
Everything is broken, war the same.

Another 2 high lvl and long players left our clan and quitt.
We lost so many good and long players in the past. They played years like me.
Our clan is a joke…
New gamers join…play 2 days and dont play anymore…

Game over…


You either spend to keep up or cup drop to have fun.


Fun is gone long ago…
And i dont want to play bad to get easy targets…
Thats not the goal of the game…
Cant believe someone liked your post…

So you don’t want easy or hard targets? You’re just complaining for the sake of complaining


Why not? You either adapt or you get frustrated and create duplicate threads to vent your frustration. They’re enjoying the game and you’re not. What do you want think that tells you?


It depends on your reasons for playing the game. Since day one I have had no intention of “being the best” because I knew right away I did not want to spend that much on it. My goal is to have fun, divert my attention from RL, and unwind. Since I do not stress out on being at the top and having all the shiny I do still have fun playing it.

I don’t intentionally cup drop but I also have done nothing to strengthen my raid defence now in over two years.

So … yes that IS the goal of the game – for me. I can enjoy the crap out of going for a weekend ride in my car without it being a Ferrari, and being passed by every other car on the road.

And yes, there are other players who play the same way as me.

If that is not the goal of the game for you … then I can see how the fun would be gone. If you can’t get it back then best to find another pastime that IS fun. Or you keep on spending and buy the fun. Entirely up to you.


I remember the good old days when I was like “Wow! More than 4000!?”
SG had to react before everyone was up to 4000. And, oh wonder, you can also earn money with it!

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Krull32, this looks to me like a summary of all the grievances that are commonly found in this forum. Okay, youre agreeing with all of it - i, for one, disagree with your assertions. If you go back in time, people were complaining about the same issues 1, 2 3 and 4 years ago. Heroes were always op, costumes the beginning of the end etc. etc. I always managed to snag a few of these "overpowered’ heroes, as does my husband and he is c2p. Games evolve, that’s all. However, i do have one complaint: 89 pounds for 10 alpha aethers is just ridiculous. So far only 2 in my 30 member alliance, have used the 10 we were given; no one bought more. I hope it stays that way. Other than that: Thanks SG for a great game.


Agreed. Prices are obscene. Half the globe are in some form of recession or economic downturn but these clowns want us to pay close to 100 smackeroos for some zeros and ones that will disappear into the ether (see what i did there?!) when this game eventually has its servers switched off.

As for the original post, 3 months between comments suggests a certain someone did not leave the game despite it being broken. Hence why the servers are still switched on…

No, not easy or hard targets.

Krull wants them just right. Like Goldilocks.

(SG, if you release Goldilocks and the 3 Shrubears as new OP characters next month, I want commission).


Half of the people who awnsered me have no clue what i wanted to say…

To be fair, you don’t make it a very easy read to comprehend. Yet daily you come back to say “the game is dying - everyone is deleting their accounts - you lose most of the time to OP enemies - SSG is only for the money” And here you are, trying to convince yourself that everything you say is completely true yet you are still playing the game.

I think you’ve made your decision and need someone to tell you it’s OK to delete the game. I’ll be that person and let you know this game is not an investment and you’ll have a better outlook and clearer mind if you stopped playing and quit coming to the forum.


You just wanted to rant about not being able to win easily I thought?

But maybe I missed another more subtle hidden message


Unfortunately, I can confirm that, unfortunately many long-standing members are now out of the alliances and have stopped. Sadly, when you have a complete alliance after a long time and they stop, it’s sad for all sides. I’ll let teams with over 5700+ be because the stones are unfortunately only catastrophicubd own heroes on double limit nee material is now rarer than rare titanium. I’ve put a lot of money into the game, but I can’t play anymore due to lack of material.

No, i want fair fights.
Im high because of my def and proud of it after years.
And i dont like cup dropping so i can play again…

But that make raids for me unplayable… I want Another leage.After 5200 teampower for example you get up in Elite or whatever …

The business model of releasing OP chase heroes followed by suspiciously quick neutering likely won’t change. They need addicted whales dropping thousands each month to try to stay a half-step ahead of the pack. Adjusting expectations accordingly -or- uninstalling the game are two options for folks not spending thousands each month.

But there is no fair fight and never has been. You choose your attacking team and hopefully build one with synergies designed to counter the defence. Inherently this makes the attacker have the upper hand because you can design around what you can see. You can colour stack against a tank or bring debuffs/blocks to turn off key heroes. You can steal, ghost, buff etc etc to specifically counter your opponents heroes.

In 4 year and 22,000 raid wins I don’t think I’ve ever had a “fair fight”


Sounds like you have choices. If your defense is able to keep you at high cups, then you shouldn’t be hindered on attacks either. Care to share your roster and maybe gt some feedback? I mean, "fair fight’ is a very subjective way of looking at things in this game.

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