Raid and Raid Tournament - Damage of Opponent unequal

I have figured out that the poison damage of Proteus deals at full level about 121 damage to my opponents, no matter of any influence skills, tokens, buffs etc.

But in the same way, with no influence, if I battle him, he deals every time 150 poison damage to my heroes.

Can someone explain this to me please? Dispite the fact the game is “fair”…

Defence team have always (said many times) 20% more attack compared to your team.

That unwritten buff influence DoT damage (burn, poison and so on…)


Is this written somewhere official? Never read that anywhere - but experienced it.

Troops could also play an effect. I use different troops with my Proteus, so sometimes he does 127 per turn and sometimes 131. I’ve tried this on the world map with the same kinds of enemies, the only change is the kind of troop.

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Tried to find an “official” post, but no luck.
Could be it was never officially said by Small Giant, but simply discover by ourselfs.

There’s many things, facts, and odds that was never disclosed by developers, but people have a good idea how it works the same through data collection.

Tc20 odds is a good example of “not disclosed” but still pretty much known.

Same for titan tiers or damage calculation.

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I believe it was discovered as part of the process of generating the damage equation.


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