Raid an Revenge

Can someone please explain to me why when get raided an they take so much stuff then I revenge them I only get a small amount back.

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Because you have more cups.

The more cuos you have over them the lest cups you win thats why i usly go for players with way more cups then me

Like said above, how much cups you get is based on the difference between your currently amount and your opponent. The iron and food part is based on how much that person currently has on his/her tower.

If you want to get more food and iron from those revenge, or even more cup, delay it. Wait to revenge later and keep checking until that person became juicy enough for you, heh.


when you prepare to raid or revenge someone, look under available loot under their team power and you will see how many cups you can win or lose. As mentioned in other replies, if you attack someone with more more, you will win much more and if attacking below your cup level you stand to lose way more. I always check the cup situation to determine whether it is worth it.


I didn’t know that before. Thanks SMORE for letting us know that!!

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