Raid am I missing something?

First pic Kuchen downs everyone’s defense except Sartana and I don’t know why? How does Sartana block Kuchen’s down defense?
Second Sartana was tank in middle just in case your wondering has no bearing on my question kiril was full mana, Melindor heals and kiril loses some mana why? These two back to back raids have me confused… any help would be appreciated

Not sure why Kiril lost mana. No reason he should have.

As for the first picture what I’m assuming occurred is justice fired so your heroes were affected by blindness. When kunchen fires his special skill the order is heal, negative defense, then dispel status ailments. Because he dispels last the defense down probably missed Sartana. That’s my best guess for that one


Thank you that was very helpful, didn’t realize blind still effects me.

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