Raid Alfrike bug

I had Krampus with the special activated and Alfrike hit me with her special and the life of Krampus went below 30%, as I received all the five cubes. Is this ok? Usually I receive only one hit, not all 5 like in this case.

Yes, 30% is the minimum:

Well but what Tavynhio was saying is that the health of his Krampus fell BELOW 30%. (ie, it didn’t stop at 30)

Was he already hurt?

From the screenshot, we can’t see what his maximum health is, only his current health.

Alfrike can knock your health down to zero with damage, it’s only the new maximum which is capped.

So she could knock you down to 1hp and you could heal, but only up to the 30% maximum, for example.

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Looks normal to me…??

Pixel counting

Total HP = 304 Pixels

HP (reduced) = 103 Pixels

103 / 304 = 33.88158% > 30%

There may be some small error margin but to be less than 30% would need to be 91.2 pixels…

No bug here based on the evidence presented.


Even if I got all 5 cubes from one special?, all in one. I was expecting to get only one cube from one attack, not like I got, 5 from 1 attack.

Why were you only expecting 1 cube?

Krampus special as you said it was activated, so you received all 5 cubes, it’s normal.

5 cubes fire and have to hit someone. If the taunt is up, there’s only one person who can be hit :wink:

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I understand, thank you!

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