Raid against 600+ power

I was inspired seeing videos with people winning against someone stronger than they, so I decided to give it a shot. I was initially recording for my friends, I thought I was gonna lose badly, so the videos are in portuguese. I will try to record the next ones in english for more people to see. I hope you enjoy it.

Edit:One bonus againt 550+ power


Nice Video. Congratulations. You were blessed with an amazing board too! Lol! Nice job! My only comment/suggestion is that I usually like to fire my specials before Wu fires his (you missed on many of the special strikes). Thanks for sharing!!


Thank you for the heads up. At 0:30 I did messed up, because If I shot caedmon and then wu kong, the next move would have killed the justice and she would not have shot.

I usually like to fire Colen after Wu kong, If I am gambling i want high stakes. A single shot is too much gambling, but an AOE I like my odds. If I dont miss at all I do 600 Damage on everyone, not counting the burn after, and its a game changer.

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These underdog fights are my all-time favorite…Sometimes you get your butt handed to you but man it feels so good to go against a stacked team and win…Pretty sweet…Remember to stay calm, lol…I almost never ever ever bring Wu into raids. He just stresses me out sometimes. I have to learn to incorporate him with hitters like Colen and Xi. Nicely done…

It is Wu Kong difference :wink: