Ragnarok Rises, 26/30, 10-12 star titans, ffa war

Ragnarok Rises are looking to add a few new members!

  • Been running over two years!
    -Fighting 10 and 11 star titans, the odd 12 star for funzies!
    -We hit POV titan requirements every time!
    -1600 Trophy Requirement
    -War is optional, but if you opt in all flags used, you know the drill.
    -FFA wars, we do use coordinated tank colour which rotate monthly.
    -We are looking for players who, like us, are active, friendly and welcoming. We are laid back, but we don’t allow troublemakers and we do remove inactive folk.
    -Line available but not required! Message me on LionessNebula for more info :smile:

We still have 3 spots open :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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