Raging nerd hounds alliance

Looking for two members come check us out. Stay for a war or two if you don’t like the alliance no hard feelings. Let’s devour these 12 star titans together.

Titan loot tastes great! Lol

Come join an alliance with 30 Kingstons!!
(if you bring 29 of them with you…)

Are you a nerd when you rage? Can you keep up with the hounds?

Looking for a couple of players who love Titan loot and will compete for top of the scoreboard daily. War optional. Use all flags or opt out if preferred.

Come by today. 4200 power and 10 maxed 5* puts you comfortably in the heart of our family-like alliance.

Definitely @ModernThinker. We are looking for members who want to kick tails and have fun while doing it muh haha. So come check us out. Our bite is bigger than our bark.

Must be someone looking to move up and fight higher Titans. Apply today!

Fun-loving people here who also like to kill … Titans and their enemies… Kind of a misnomer, but come join us in the funhouse!!!

Is it just me, or is 11* Titan loot much better than 8,9, 10*?

Nope, it’s not just me. It’s better.

Join today!!

Step 1: you can’t be in an alliance. If you are, then time to leave.
Step 2: search for us. Raging Nerd Hounds
Step 3: press “join”. It will let us know you are at our door
Step 4: we accept you

It’s that easy.

2 spots still open . Come on in and join the fun

Another war victory, another war chest full of great loot.

11* titan dead. Another on the slaughter block.

Is Lionel Ritchie the greatest?
Did elf bury his cat under the floorboards?
Does godzilla wear a suit?

The answers to all your questions await you. Join RNH today.

Lionel Ritchie is not the greatest. There. I said it.

Looking for active players who:

  • Want to earn top loot from 11* Titans and above
  • Hit Titan daily
  • Hit Titan early after new Titan appears
  • Want to grow their team with like-minded players

We use all war flags, or opt out.

If this sounds like you, then don’t delay: apply today by pressing join to become one of our team!
[you must not be in an alliance for game to allow the “join” button to appear]

Hi our alliance just did some fall cleaning looking for active members. You must attack titans and there is a 40k minimum on titans. War is optional no need to spend all day on game. Must have at least 3 teams deep. If that’s you come join us. Our goal is to reach the top and take down any that get in the way.

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New members incoming… is there room for you? Only if you hurry, so don’t delay!

5 spots left looking for active members come join the fun

Looking for active members 60k minimum on titans. We are conquering 11 stars

Top 100 club when full. Come be a part of a winning team.

Come get your piece of titan loot. Join today.

Happy Thanksgiving to all our American friends