Raghstpart (Leugimrc) - YouTube Channel

Hey everyone! I want to invite you to my YouTube channel where I provide a lot of fights against all the community I can. I’m more to livestreams nowadays, showing the new heroes, in atack and on defense. everything that “moves” I atack, from summons, to war and raids, and some beta content. Subscribe to follow news, and have fun!


Check out my last stream.

More beta news to come… Loading…

Just remember that the sharing of IMAGES (and visual content) from beta is strictly prohibited :slight_smile: talking about it tho is all good.


Three hero’s on defense already limit break max out. Let’s fight…

46 leveled. More to come. Come on SG don’t make me level an old one. Gimme the new Hotm. Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

War Attack, Simbiose VS Xtreme Fury.
Lets have some Fun…

War atacks from Raghstpart. Simbiose VS Mixed Nuts - Extra Spicy

Soul exchange V2 os here what’s yiur choice? Choose well.

Completely heart broken.