Raffaele – 5* Ice/ Blue - June 2020 HOTM (Hero of the Month)

Always keep in mind though if you use a slow hero for his special you almost always need 12 Tiles. Asuming at least 15% Manageneration you could keep it at 12 even after tellu goes off. So you put yourself in a disadvantage as your attack team is centred around getting more tiles then an average board offers.
There is a Reason C-Rigard is preferred over Kunchen nowadays as he hits the sweet spot of 9 Tiles easily.

Now that doesn’t mean Raffa is bad, aswell as Kunchen or Vivica he is a very powerfull Healer. Just not good enough to be a consistant and viable offer in war against tellu imo.


So I’ve been using Raf at 4.30 quite a bit now. He’s going to stay at this level for a while as I’m working on a duplicate Sonya + costume, to combat the Damage over Turns ailment heavy meta.

I have had a lot of playtime with him to get used to his skillset and I have to admit, I’ve been surprised by his usefulness despite being slow.

First let’s summarize the good and the bad:

:+1: Amazing bulk, even without fully maxing him he has amazing stats to keep him alive. Even at 3.70 I was surprised at how sturdy he was, reaching over 700 defense before troops.
:+1: If you have enough low health heroes left, his skill fully swings the tide in your favor and can win an otherwise unwinnable scenario.
:+1: even without the heal to 50% HP, the HoT he gives is huge and helps keep your team alive the following turns. The element links helps too for his other ice allies.
:neutral_face: Attack Resistance – it’s useless. Neither bad nor good. Just useless, as in not making a difference on his puny attack stat but not holding him back either. May as well not even be there.
:-1: slow speed. Despite his good bulk to survive and charge reliably, the same can’t be said for the rest of his team. If they all get KO’d, Raf is not benefiting anyone and he can’t do anything to win by himself.
:-1: very passive defender. From my experience raiding against him, Raff is an exploitable target for tiles when tanking, as despite his good bulk he just doesn’t present a significant threat. He can work as a flank though, but only with a few synergies to either make his team harder to kill (flanking someone like Guinevere or Telluria if you lack Vela), or if backed up by some very strong offense (such as behind an Ursena or Atomos tank, again if you lack Vela). Generally though, I don’t think he’s a great defender and I would only use him there if you lack anyone better.

Basically, I think Raf is best suited for offense, which is where he’s made a big impact for me. I have even been using him against Telluria tank teams, running 3-red + 2-blue. I have managed to win about ~70% of the time against good Telluria teams with the team in the video below.

This is one instance where he made a huge difference. Near the end, the rest of my team was dangerously close to biting the dust, and I couldn’t have won this raid without Raf’s clutch heal bringing my team back. That helped them take another round of Ursena’s depth blast – I was just lucky that Gravemaker aimed the other way.

I should also say though that I don’t rely on him as my primary form of cleansing. Note in the team above that I am also bringing cSonya with mana troop and mana emblem node. In other teams I bring cRigard and cCaedmon + Raf, all the 4*s configured to charge in 9 and 7 tiles respectively. The faster 4*s are the ones that provide my first cleanse, while Raf hangs back and prepares his full heal + cleanse to counter any later incoming DoTs.

In this meta I can’t just rely on one cleanser to be ready all the time for the constant barrage of water, burn, poison, sand and every kind of lingering damage coming my way. Honestly I’m glad that they made Raffaele dispel ailments in the final version of beta released, as that ended up being the factor that made him relevant for me to level, ascend, and someday max. :slight_smile:

Bottom line, I think he’s a solid healer and makes for a pretty awesome offensive hero, particularly as a secondary cleanser or healer to combat the DoT heavy meta. He shouldn’t be used on defense unless you lack someone better.

If I had 2 more of him, I’d honestly level them over another Magni.


I totally agree with @DaveCozy! I have my Raffaele currently at 4/75. He should be maxed soon. I have been using him in raids and war attacking teams. He has been just what the doctor ordered for me! Yes, I have to focus on charging him early. But once charged, I’m pretty much guaranteed to win the battle.

@DaveCozy is also correct when it comes to defense. I would not use him on my main defense, war defense or tournament defensive team. He is very exploitable.


I’ve run across him on defense and he is a pain in the azz to be honest. Yes, if you bring a debuffer, you can neutralize him but that’s not always the case. I’ve done very few pulls this and last month and somehow ended up with 4 Rafealles . I’ll level one of them down the road as I’ve seen his utility

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I’ve found out that Raffaele’s ‘Heals all allies who have less than 50% HP left to 50% health’ effect apparently ignores any ‘decrease for any healing received’ effect. Not even Perseus’ Everlasting Wound (-100% healing received) could prevent my affected hero’s health to return to 50%. This confuses me, since the effect states ‘decrease for any healing received’ so I kinda expected the decrease to take effect as well. Can anyone confirm if Raffaele’s effect is supposed to work this way or is this simply an oversight? Because if it’s supposed to work like this, he’s the perfect healer to counter the likes of Perseus and the Sand Empire heroes. The healing decrease effect won’t be dispelled and the HoT effect definitely will be affected, but you can at least restore your heroes to 50%.

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It has been asked a lot of time. It is intended, not oversight.

My current defense is Poseidon/ursena/telluria/onatel/marjana.
Replacing onatel with Raf would be an improvement? I could use quite a few emblems on raffaele. U could get him to 10 probably.
Another alternative is a +7 Magni.

P.s maxing Fenrir too but i think he might be a bad defender

I have Raffaele maxed w/o emblems. I use him currently on my various attack teams, raids, wars, tournaments, challenge events, etc. I have yet to use him on either my main defense or war defense, but I have faced him in wars. He is very tank like and has a great heal. If you don’t have enough bunch left in your lineup, you will not take him out with just tiles damage before he heals himself.

The only issue is his mana speed. He is slow! With all the fast and very fast mana speed heros, Raffaele May get knocked out by one or more of them before he can fire the first time. Thus, you may want to play around with him first to see how he holds up. If after maxing him and putting him in your flank position, you can see how he holds up and maintains your trophy count. If he holds it or helps to increase your trophy count, keep him there. Good luck! :wink:


I got Raffaele in guardians of tiktok event on my 4th summon, weird how things go…
It must be as if you summon more your chance to get 5☆/hotm increases, I think this way will encourage ppl to spend.
And btw imo raffael is a great healer he can turn the tides of the fight, take a look here👇
Tank was ursena, she fired twice

This is the end of the fight


I knew we would get along well! Maybe that’s why he didn’t want to come, beacuse of all the hard work he would have to do. :joy:

Happy you found the way to use him, despite him being slow and other reasons why people thought he’s useless! :beers:

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Has anyone maxed Raffaele with 20 emblems? I’m interested to see his numbers :slight_smile:

My last comment on Raffaele. FYI - Don’t put him at wing in your defense! He will never charge in time to be of any use to your lineup. I have yet to have a raid where Raffaele was in the line for the opponent on the wing and he actually fired In time to have any impact on the battle. The last raid I had against him on wing he did not fire until I had killed all other heros and he was the last man standing. Sad! Make sure to check the positioning chart

5* heroes positioning guide

to see where best to place him in your defensive lineup.

Ok. I’m off my soapbox. :wink:

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I have him at 3/70 waiting for scopes. He’s been great in war.

Hahah that was funny!

Thanks for the mana!

Looks like Grazul is the perfect counter for Zocc

15 is almost 20 :rofl::rofl:

What worked best for me is tank

The best thing about him is that his initial heal can’t be blocked nor reduced nor stolen


15 is much more than my 3 haha.

Thanks for the screenshot :slight_smile:

So tank is working best for you? Do you run a second healer or is it purely him?

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@the.sparrow Tank makes sense. Raffaele’s shield and health stats are really good. Their similar to Kunchen and Heimdall. Plus, he will charge quickly from the tank position. I may need to add some monk emblems to him once I finish topping off my Wilber. Nice! :wink:

My dilemma too that’s why I searched this thread. My 6th scope will come on Saturday and I had it pegged for Lupus until I drew Rafff. I have maxed Alasie, Richard and Thorne who both hit with minor damage. I have Kiril costume maxed to heal and Grimm maxed, another splash. I think I am leaning towards Raff as he can get more emblems. Have you made a decision yet or taken action and what did you decide please.

No problem
Yes I tried him flank, my defence was not good as it’s now with him tanking.
In terms of defence, only him is healer
In attack I run another faster healer,

I had wukong+19 and Wilbur +18, I strip them both for him lol, that was mean :rofl:

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