Raff vs Kiril with costume bonus

I know Raff is a 5* heal but SLOW and overtime which means it healing can be wiped away. The other blue healer in Kiril who is average and complete effect with buff. I you have the costume there a buff and play option. With emblem his number do compete. So is Raff worth those scopes if you are looking for a second, third or fourth blue heal for wars?

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I have 2 maxed Kirils and Raff, I would change both Kirils for second Raff


I believe Raff is worth the scopes and plan to fully ascend mine once I get the remaining mats. I’ve enjoyed using him so far at 3.70 and his special has saved me a bunch of times. He’ll make a great additional healer in wars for me, and will take priority over my c.Kirils if I think I’ll need heavy healing and sustain or a cleanse.

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I have maxed Raff (using him offence rainds and war) and Kiril is no near him just take some tanky enough team, the best choice are all other heroes 5 star and they should live untill he fires and when he does its a 90% win. Only bad thing is his passive with is useless.


I have been using Raffaele now in my raid and war teams. He is great once he fires. The key is to get enough blue tiles so that he fires when you need him. Rarely have I been in a fight where his speed has been an issue except when you go up against teams with two or more mana controllers. If they negatively affect his mana too much, he will never fire before the fight is over. Otherwise, he has been pleasure to have on my roster!

I have Kiril maxed leveled as well, but he is no where near as affective as Raffaele is in a fight. IMHO

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I thought he was crap to be honest, but hearing you guys talk about how he performs well I should probably level him too.

I foresee a nasty combo with him and my Mother North.


He unfairly got bashed because he was slow. He is a game changing hero…he’s fantastic. Wish I got him.

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I have 3 copies of raff. I didnt level a single one initially, believing him to be slow and thus ineffective. Reason being i have a fully levelled vivica who i hardly use nowadays even in war.

After reading the positive feedback about him in the forum, i gave him a chance and levelled him. I have been pleasantly surprised.

Raff v cKiril
I have 2 copies of cKiril and use them extensively. CKiril is one the few heroes that give full team def down at 9 tiles, thus greatly benefiting A3E /AOE damage dealers. Raff and cKiril fulfill different roles; one is a debuffer / minor healer and the other gives major/full hp recovery

I would level them both

Raff v Vivica
Raff’s HOT not only heals team mates to full health, it keeps them there for the next few turns. This is where i feel he has the edge over Vivica. I can fire Raff early in the match, knowing that they will be continuously healed for the next few turns, while i have to hold Vivica’s heal for the opportune moment, sometimes miscalculating and leading to the loss of one or more heroes


how often do you get the healing striped off by a debut? That is my biggest grumble with many of the new healers. When i see them I try to load with debuffers

This depends on what level you are playing at, but in high diamond the only dispeller you regularly see if Seshat, although she is one of the most popular wings. If you know she is going to fire you can hold off on Raff, but even one turn of his special can still be significant. His HOT is the biggest in the game and remember he heals everyone up to 50% health right away, which means pretty much any hero who is at relatively low health is going to get more HP out of one turn of his special than any other healer in the game. There are other healers who have secondary effects that can help you out too, but in terms of raw health recovery Raff is the king.

For what it’s worth, I use Raff in an off color stack with c Kiril in one of my war teams and they really compliment each other.

Rafaelle is always underestimated.

He is actually one of the true game changers.
Last weekend war when I brought 4 red and 1 Rafaelle against a Telly tank team, Rafaelle healed the whole team for 5 times… and brought back barely single digit HP heroes to halfway HP in a blink of an eye.

I continued throwing tiles to empty spaces to get healing over time of 203HP and double the generated mana for heroes. The fight was dragged to last 5 minutes where the tiles were not favorable anymore to me. Eventhough I ended up lost to the fight but Poseidon who was the last standing opponent was about 150HP remaining, and my friend could finish him easily.

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so Rallie is worth the scopes Vs a second Magni that I can put on his costume??

Raffaele is also extremely effective at 4/80, so you can wait before having to put emblems on him. I have my monk emblems on Joon and Wilber. It will be awhile before I’ll have available emblems for Raffaele if I ever decide to put any on him at all. Good luck! :wink:

I think it depends on your usage of the 2nd Magni and how important you need a blue sniper.
For me:

  • I have only Delilah who is 5* healer, and Telluria who is 5* hybrid healer.
  • And I have Joon and Leonidas who are monk class, given that I do not have Wilbur.
  • I have only Rafaelle, Isarnia and Vela who are 5* blue heroes.

So, naturally my 2nd monk class 5* that is receiving monk emblems is Rafaelle.