Race To 15

What do y’all think about a new event based on titans? The whole idea is that you take the timer away from titans, give double the flags, double the items, and let people get new ones as soon as one is killed? The whole idea is letting people who can stay alive long enough progress all the way to 15 star titans over a 2 day span or so? Alliance and individual rewards based on ranking?

Sure why not. I don’t like using items in events… So i generally fall in the top 2 to 5% range… But if i can get away with not using too many tornadoes or time stops… I’m down.

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It might work as an option but I like things the way titans are. You can imagine a titan storming in, dangerous energies flying around, and you have deal with it in a time restraint.

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Think the game should introduce 15 star titans. There is always arguments in my alliance about killing titans too quickly and some players not getting opportunity to hit.

We put a cap at 300k… That seems to have reduced the issues with acrimony. I’d be down with 15* or 16*… If the regards were vastly improved… Like a guaranteed 3* lb ball with the chance of being a 5*… But it feels like… It would just the the same disappointment but with more battle items used.