R U Kitten Me?

New alliance in search of recuits! Only a sad 5/30 haha.
Titan and war hits is a must.
No strict trophies or levels.
We are friendly and social that wanna grow together.
Come check us out Meow :slight_smile:


What does your 5 people consist?
Happy Homies - we have 15 dedicated troops 1K to approx 3K power level. At least 8 are active in war.
I would like to merge with people our level to grow as one.

I’ve been in alliances with higher levels, but killing 7-9 level titans wasn’t helping me.
We have at least 6 people who are new, but they are growing fast and competetive.

You are all welcome to join. We are always active, 3 are Level 30 and 2 members are still growing…We do participate in every war and Hitting Titans. We’re currently on level 2* Titans.
We have been in higher alliances as well but it was time to branch off.
Look us up, our name is “R U Kitten Me?” =)

Our alliance name is “R U Kitten Me?”
We currently have 16/30 members. Working on 6-7* titans. Trophies # not required.
We are a friendly bunch…many cat lovers. We communicate on discord as well. Chat is usually active. Not every one participates in war due to newbies. Our levels are mixed with expierienced…mid 30s…newbs.
Looking for a friendly alliance check us out meow =)

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