R.i.p Kalø

Dear Kalø,

I just wanted to type this letter to you to thank you for all of those battles where my entire team was dead and you came in the clutch and slaughtered my enemies souls. -Sigh-…seems just like yesterday when I tested out a team of all 4s and one 3 and you murked a 5000+ team like it was childs play. Ahhhhh…the good old days.

-cues Its So Hard To Say Goodbye music-

Well my friend…the nerf Gods have takened you away from us but they can never take the memories. You will always be remembered for the most powerful 4* ever in SG.

Tomorrow they will take you from being a mighty warrior who brought fear to those who dared kill the strongest of the bunch and overlooked you as you sat in the corner waiting patiently to slingshot souls to the SG’s heaven…to merely an option to use when VF events take place.

You will be missed my friend… I’ll see you on the other side…stay strong…:unamused:…uhh…I mean…keep ya head up…:v::pensive:




He is still decent. Same happened to Anton and I use him all the time

They have left Kalo as half of what it was… they have broken it… who compensates my emblems and my LB??? no one i guess

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The only compensation is to not spend in the future so the next nerph doesn’t affect real money you had spent.


Amén, brother…20 caract

Op can stand, comments tho are spilling towards discussion better suited to the main discussion thread.