[Quote] Cyprian art


From alliance chat:

Player A
Cyprian needs materials for his final ascension.

Player B
I always thought Cyprian was a girl

Player C
Insane cleavage, no. Boob plate armor, no. Exposed, belly button, no. Short skirt, no. Butt portrait, no. High heels, no. Bare shoulders, no. Long hair that curls in a wave over the shoulders, unknown. Maybe Cyprian is a girl.

Beard, no. Mustache, no. Bare chest, no. Insane shoulder to waist ratio, no. Long hair that flows straight back, no. Maybe Cyprian is a guy.

More importantly, what gender is Skittleskull ?

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lol! Can’t help you! Our group refers to Cyprian as a male though. Generally referred to as the sister of Sabina. Skittleskull has never come up, and we did finally decide Justice is female…
What we do to pass the time between flags!


Skittleskul, being a goblin Shaman, is the from the third gender in the goblin race. :-:roll_eyes::


Great chat dialog, thanks for sharing.

I’ve always assumed Cyprian is male because of his namesake, Cyprian of Carthage, a bishop and famous author. He died in AD 258, and he was famous his for sharp rhetoric. I guess in death he has exchanged his pen for a sword!


Ah ha, history rules! May I join your fan club? :smile: