Quitting is the only way

Seriously…+ 20 chars for luck

Let’s hope SG listens. It’s disturbing that they might ignore all of their beta testers forming a single voice. Why have beta testers at all then??? @Petri

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The problem isn’t the drop rate of 3* mats (I track for more than 3 months and find it pretty reasonable) but the one of 4* mats. I’m playing very consistantly for almost 8 months now and yet, I am still unable to fully ascend a single 5* hero.

Considering the number of heroes available and the number of mats needed to ascend them such a level of scarcity begins to appear ridiculous. I also fail to undersand the reason behind it, even from an economical point of view as I completly stopped spending money on summons because I know I won’t have the mats to ascend a 5* for months. Perhaps my case isn’t necessarly representative but I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one.

I am aware that this game requires patience but I think it goes too far in that matter. Frustrating players that much is a slippery slope and by dint of greed SG takes the risk of completely discouraging and thus losing them.


Game is good. I love it. Lots of things to do. But i too am a bit annoyed of lacking ascension materials. Some mats are insanely hard to get… mystic rings is one of them. My Azlar, Red Hood, Gravemaker, Elena and Marjana are waiting… Red Hood is first to be ascended and Azlar next. It’s all about rings, i just don’t have them. Hidden blades are also hard to get.

If season 2 is comming, i sure hope they’ll make it more easier to get ascension materials. 4* mats i mean. Not those chainmail shirts and boots :slight_smile:


Mats drop at a pace that keeps up with a low-budget player. My cheap-to-play alt ($7/month) is basically balanced between scarce heroes and scarce mats. Most spending is on summons, though, so it’s not a surprise that heroes on paying accounts run ahead of mats. But those accounts get to use the available mats on better heroes.

In an alliance taking down 12* titans, my main account is overstocked on 3* ascension mats (orbs, gloves, etc) but I still rejoice to get a 4* mat (tonics, telescopes, etc). Mostly I am feeder-limited, though.

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I only seem to get 4* mats from Rare Quests (but I don’t track my goodies); those who do track report higher numbers of mats. Is that all there is to it? Or is it widely different for everyone? RNG?

According to my records in June I got Poison Darts from Mystic Vision and Damascus Blade from a Raid Platinum chest.
In May:

  • Tome of Tactics from Mystic Vision
  • Mystic Rings from a Green wanted chest
  • Telescope from a Green chest

Not much but something.

My main account has had 1 ascension item this entire month from titans in loot tiers 11 to 13.

My alt account has had 0 ascension items this entire month from titans in loot tiers 6 to 8.

What the **** is going on? Even the worst luck shouldn’t be this bad. SG, how can you possibly expect to keep people like this? I’d get a full set of legendary gear in WoW faster than this. Think about that.


This month i got:

3 stars:
1 from Monster chest,
4 from heroes chest,
5 from elemental chest,
5 from Titan loot,
2 from War loot

4 stars:
1 from heroes chest.
1 from Titan chest,
1 from elemental chest

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60% of my 4* mats come from Quests.

Data for last 4 months

Row Labels Vision Quests Raid Titan Total
Tonic 2 2
Farsight Scope 2 1 3
Tome 1 2 1 4
Poison Darts 1 1 2
Tabard 1 1 2
Damascus Blade 2 2
Mystic Rings 2 1 2 5
Grand Total 1 12 1 6 20
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You must be the luckiest dude ever. Are you available to go to Vegas with me?


The OP topic is quitting the game. Does anyone have anything to add on that topic?

Edit: I won’t be quitting, but certainly understand frustration. :confused:

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A lot of people share your problems. Don’t quit at the moment. Play the game a little bit less and wait with us for september season 2. If nothing changes for the good, we all can quit together


Elemental chests…grrr!!! Most of my alliance has had 3 or more. I have been playing longer then some, opened what feels like a million chests and yet I have only received one red elemental chest. Is there a catch?? One of my alliance members said that they come around every 30 chests completed. If that’s the case, I should have had 3 or 4 by now. Someone else says its just random… If that’s the case then I am just unlucky…lol

I totally agree with you @bopsalot. Cheers!

Yes, I s a good game but is important how you play it. This is not a rpg at all. Have some elements but in fact is a casual game that have a big percent of gambling and small percent of strategy and skill. If you choose to gamble you will loose for sure. The odds are way worst than casinos so try to keep it simple. This game is not pay to win at all… Is just pay to have a chance of winning… Casual play is the key for this casual game…


HERE HERE! Including 20 characters

@r4dioh3ad Darkness Rises is so much fun! Love it :heart_eyes:

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Me too, I have empires and puzzles in my old phone, and playing only when I’m home. Darkness rises definetly a better game. But I keep empires also till September to see if something changing…

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@r4dioh3ad I’m Difsgirl in Darkness Rises if you want to add me.

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