Quitting is the only way

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@r4dioh3ad Darkness Rises is so much fun! Love it :heart_eyes:

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Me too, I have empires and puzzles in my old phone, and playing only when I’m home. Darkness rises definetly a better game. But I keep empires also till September to see if something changing…

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@r4dioh3ad I’m Difsgirl in Darkness Rises if you want to add me.

hello, do not improve the game at all? I’ve been playing it for some time, and I think it’s time to quit. I still do not have a 5-star hero. Really? I put money in the game for nothing. At rewards, titanium, missions, only buffs give rewards. Take the money for nothing. It was an interesting game, pleasant at first, but it does not attract me anymore. How do you finish the second season when I do not have the strong team? How to raise a hero to the maximum if I do not have what I need? I have almost a year since I play it, and I do not have a five-star hero. Does that seem normal to you? I put money and tokens gave me heroes of three stars, and four same hero twice, a very poor hero. Does anyone have any idea what should I do to have five-star heroes? Do I have to credit a bank to give money to someone? I do not understand how some have 7-8 five stars and I do not even have one



Totally right with the header.
Taking my opinion on another post to this one.

Darkness rises is awesome btw.
With so much income, this game does not even change the structure of the buildings on each level, at least in clash of clans its different on every level, super simple game with millions coming in and the thing is

Makes no sense and it’s a never ending cycle. I’ve spent around 600 - 1k $ in 2-3 months and didn’t get what I wanted, just copies of 5*s that I already owned the thing is.

What if I get the hero and then next month they release a better one? And then a better one and so on?.

What if they make harder our possibility to get ascension mats without or knowledge? Solution buy ascension packs without guaranteed of getting them.

Spending without guarantees is what this is all about and it’s not so common, in every game nowadays you have some sorts of guaranteeds, including the latest Apex Legends with 30 pulls you have a guaranteed legendary.

It won’t take you anywhere and even worse what if in the future they release 6*s haha.

So, people who spend money like me obviously have a good income and they can do w.e they want with their money just like me. But being wise we are being fooled by a game.

This is not a casino, because in casino you do get somethint valuable in return, but in this game “valuable” is controlled by the developers, say you want Hel or Guienevere, later they release a better one, or they nerf the card and then what? Inflation and deflation lol?.

Again at some point we need to think of what we’re doing I watched Anchor yesterday he’s so right, and must not support this, because at least most of us are grown up, but kids aren’t and they will always have hope to get the “best” at the moment hero.

Also another point, if Anchor or Zero, or titan mafia says Ariel it’s OP I’m 100% sure most of the poeple with money go ahead and pay to get more pulls, which is logical but they are indeed impacting the game like Ambassadors.

You all should listen to Anchor and think about what SG is doing.


everyone is entitled to their own decision whether they play or not. If you don’t enjoy the game, quit!


exactly. This hits it on the head

I am starting to lose count of all the threads on “This game sucks, and I’m quitting”

One interesting thing I have started to notice is that many of these were started months ago (and sometimes more!) and yet I still see the original people that were saying they’re done way back when…active and posting/reading on forums, and some I have seen in alliances, raids, and occasionally the in-game chat ----- and that’s just the ones with the same game name as forum name.

So obviously haven’t quit!

Edit: maybe this should be it’s own thread, as obviously quitting isn’t “the only way” from what I am seeing.

I would be interested, from the ones that were leaving, in what either made you decide to stay after all, or if you left, come back? To me, that would maybe point to some positive aspects of the game to focus on and improve.


You expect to buy the best heroes and have them be the best for the entirety of the game? That’s not gonna happen.

As a gamer/business man/father I will say that gamers are different people like a military officer acts a lot different than the run in the mill 20 year old.

Gamers value different things just like everyone else but their seems to be an issue with labeling gamers in areas ftp/c2p/p2w but not listing the subbrackets of these catergories why which leads to these I’m gonna quit posts.

the fact that my daughter plays E&P, Her mother, and 10 of my real life friends make the game a social hub that not only entertains us but allows the most important people in my life spend time together daily, have great conversations over said strategies, and basically always have a topic for conversation which anyone with kids or long time significant other knows exactly what I mean.

all you here is ftp/c2p/p2w which I feel is the root of the issue here. each area of these gamers have sub brackets and these are never brought up.

You have FTP I’m 15 live at my moms and have no job but I love games. this guys frustration over bad pulls will most likely be triple the frustration of a paying player in any bracket because they like to compete but have limited means for income and yes E&P can bite your wallet if you not careful.

FTP because u dont believe they should have to pay anything for a free game. <------i avoid these people at all times. Sorry but to this day there is not a single branch of gamers that acts this way except these guys because when we grew up NO GAMES WERE FREE. rolling for heroes here was like back in the Nintendo and Sega days when you had to read a review of a game. spend your 50 60 bucks and hope it was worth it. A lot of times the game was garbage only to be offered 5 to 10 dollars back for trade credit at gamestop.

When is the last time one of you stood in line for a half hour with a quarter in your hand waiting on your chance to grab Ken, Ryu, or Chun li and put off the reigning champion who was only known by the three initials they left when their game was over.

c2p with expectations- guys normally have no problem spending a little bit but they do expect something for their purchase. a bad roll of 30 makes these people feel their money is not being respected and depending on the want of said heroes can come to the forum slightly upset or in a full blown rage which on a limited budget totally understandable.

The well off so called P2W player these guys are the largest branch of gamers their are. from super competitive(people finishing top of event tiers) to I just have not much to do with my money so I’m here to enjoy the company, to “free players should burn and I’m gonna build my account just to cup drop and show em!!!”

and my favorite gamer- I think I’m good but…I’mreally not. Every true gamer has that friend that loves games but…how do I say it nicely…when you playing overwatch and they see you onlije and are like “hey guys let’s party up” and there is this collective sigh…some gamers are just not good at games and rather than accept that a lot of them will blame everything from the summons gate to the devs to god hates them as to why their gaming experience is bad when in reality…they just arent good.

you couldnt hide this in the arcade, if you out your money in and got beat first round everytime, everyone around saw that, and sometimes had very rude comments depending on how bad a win or loss was. sadly I have seen horrible fist fights over 25 cent which is a level of gaming I try to stay away from, but with the ability to hide behind a screen from a remote location anywhere in the world gamers become their alter egos online and anyone who logs in and decides to be a douchebag probably isnt saving the whales in their spare time…just saying.

whatever reason you gaming we all had a game we couldnt wait to get home and play watching the hours at work/school and we all had a game where we felt like it was a waste of money.

as a gamer you fit in one of these categories and finding like minded players will make your time enjoyable which doesnt cost anything at all. I’m here for the ride that I hope gets better with time being that it’s relatively still new with surprising success. I can see that money is being well spent and hope that the drops rates are adjusted to fit the size of the new economy and we have more daily events to win said items with tougher restrictions like NO REPLAY OF LEVEL UPON COMPLETION


Hello we meet again.

FTP don’t expect not to pay.

FTP may pay if they see value - - > this will transform them into C2P.

FTP also don’t mind too much with other people paying money in this game to move up. As long as they can be semi competitive and the gap isn’t huge, FTP are fine with losing out a bit to whales.

FTP will only have a problem if content is locked behind a pay wall. Reason: since the beginning of this game, all content was free.

There’s quite a big difference between a free to install phone game and Street Fighter at the arcade or on console. I like both very much.

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if you had read my post you would have seen that their was sub brackets. at no time did I say all ftp.

This a hundred times over. (Long post)

These type of games/profit models are very foreign to me. I went from Atari ->playstation where I did spend ~$50 dollars a game… up front. This was followed by a long hiatus until I picked up this game a little over a year ago when I played a word scrabble and scramble game and saw this game advertised and I clicked on it. (Note: I played these games for free with me just watching intermittent advertisements and was expecting this to be the same) There were none of these ingame purchase craziness that I see now. If you told me someone would spend $500 in/on a game I would have called you a lunatic and liar. My expectations were of a FTP game, fully accessible to me (not that I would “have the best”, but could work hard, and with skill) to be competitive.

I like, no LOVE competition. I dont mind whales. I can grind on blue slimes or imps until level 30. I came into this game thinking it was FTP and cant change my mindset. I know the advertisement didnt explicitly say that, but after playing this game as it is, I almost feel betrayed/cheated for it to change. I would rather give the company a couple hundred dollars if it comes to it, not for heros/summon portal, but just to keep it FTP accessible. I dont want the advantage, just the chance to compete with my skill and time


Continuing the discussion from Quitting is the only way:

Hello! I start by saying that I am extremely disappointed with this game. Today I bought three times as many as 2800 gems and five times 200. I gave three times summon x10 and what do you think? only heroes of four stars. just the bonus gave me a five-star hero I already had, my only 5-star hero I already had. The heroes I received, of course, weak, not top. at a summon of x10 he gave me a four-star hero and the rest of three. seriously? is it nice on their part? now i wonder if i still give a summon of x10 give me a 5 star? what do you think? I’m waiting for good advice. Excuse English but use google translation

Did you look at the odds? Did you understand them? If so, you should know that getting a 5* from a 30x is not assured. You did get the HOTM, sorry you already had it but you go it.

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Quoted - "Again at some point we need to think of what we’re doing I watched Anchor yesterday he’s so right, and must not support this, because at least most of us are grown up, but kids aren’t and they will always have hope to get the “best” at the moment hero.

Also another point, if Anchor or Zero, or titan mafia says Ariel it’s OP I’m 100% sure most of the poeple with money go ahead and pay to get more pulls, which is logical but they are indeed impacting the game like Ambassadors.

You all should listen to Anchor and think about what SG is doing." - un quote

And this is why 'Ambassadors" like Anchor have hurt this game. They make rave reviews about new hero X and why it is a must have game changer. Then thousands of people dump $$$ into trying to get hero X. Then people get butthurt when they don’t get hero X and agree with Anchor about leaving the game over spending too much money. Well, what is it going to be Ambassador, do we need to spend money on the chance of this hero or not. Because if you did spend money on a CHANCE, you can not complain later.

Imagine sitting at a black jack table with a king and a queen. Heck, all you need is an ace, so go ahead, double down. Are you going to argue with the dealer because you got any other card and went bust?

Sorry, didn’t quite get the thrust of your argument.

Is it that well known players shouldn’t publish opinions about heroes?

Or that anyone who complains about pulls is naive?

Or both, or neither?


I just can’t get past that username

Maybe a little of both. Experienced players should give opinions on heroes, events, game play, etc. But after implying that a player needs hero X, players spend money on trying to get the hero. Your expert opinions drive the spending habits of other players. You then really can not turn around and complain that the game is p2w or even p2p. Kinda hypocritical dont you think?

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