Quitting is the only way

So, dear SG developers, after 6 months, you definetly make me to delete your game. Is not a rpg game anymore, is a slizzing hot in a casino set to take your money. So I put here my thoughts that lead me to quitting:

  1. Rewards are getting silent nerf, the last 3 elemental chest contain no epic token, no troop token and a lot of farmable ascend materials. Summon I understand is getting worse too. Personally I do no summoning lately,but is what I hear in my alliance. Titan loot is still OK but I bet you cut also in the future.
  2. Wars are a failure. I wait for this feature, I raised my hero bench. And SG give us in return a broken stupid feature with no logic purpose. No strategy, no fun, no leaderboard, no rewards. Broken matchmaking is here after 4 months and show the limitation of devs.
  3. More and more events, new heroes, only for making easy money. No improvements in gameplay, who cares about that anyway… The Screenshots of the season 2 show the same thing, season 2 is called “show me the money”. The game will open a bigger gap between f2p and P2w in the future.
  4. The lack of skill and strategy need it. Luck is all you need to be good in this game. It’s OK till you reach a certain level, after that you want something more and this game has nothing to offer.
  5. After some days with “Darkness rises” I realise how bad and overrated your game is and I will quit with no regrets.

Many voices right now in beta has arise asking for more content and less cash heroes, even excellent players.
The feedback is quite obvious and it’s really similar of yours, including the spreading difference between P2W and F2P part.
The same “P2W” players say it.

Now, testing would take quite a bit and it’s only began.
For now it stays like that, but if beta testing means anything, it should change something on that matter. I hope.

If nothing change, then you have all the rights to move on and many like you.


Everybody should wait until september! If this game will not change for the good, we still can leave. I don’t think that season 2 is the savior of E&P but maybe things will be going in the right direction. A lot of people are dissatisfied at the moment and SG knows it. Let us give them a little bit time.


In my alliance we are waiting to see what happens in September. If it comes out as it is being shown, the witness will pass to another leader, even if the poor person is left with an almost empty alliance …

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I just want to say that this is becoming the general theme amongst “seasoned” players. Many are getting burned out by the lack of ascension mats and how difficult it is to get HOTMs… Everyone’s got their own issue. You either have heroes and no mats or mats and no heroes… I totally agree that wars, in most ways is so far a big failure. Yes, there’s some entertainment factor to it, but the bottom line remains that we’ve gone out of our way to deepen our benches in spite of SG lack of additional access to ascension mats… The loot from wars is truly insulting. It does bring the alliance together and it’s fun, but c’on… A feather, a backpack ? I would even be ok with no ascension mats as long as we had other goodies like trainer heroes, a good chunk of ham/iron, tornadoes, super mana potions, 5 midnight roots, etc, etc…

I see many people leaving… Unfortunately I don’t think they’ll actually make a big difference to SGs bottom line as they’re banking their success on new generations of players who will/might be willing to spend. I wonder then, if the new season is truly worth the grind for the long time loyal player… We’ll just have to wait and see. I’m reserving judgement until then…


Just to echo this, F2P, P2W, C2P are all virtually unanimous in their feedback and suggestions in beta.

People can, and should, take a break if they are getting frustrated. But if the devs listen then season two could really be great.


Me and my alliance like alliance wars, but two times a week is way to often.


From my covenant I have already lost 8 dissatisfied friends, soon I will give up otherwise do not change anything in September = (

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Yes you are 100% correct, banking on new comers who see the game, like it, spend money, get to know the game only to then relise that the money they spend was a more a rip off than an advantage towards playing the game and then either leave or keep plsying in discuss only because they have invested money into it, and lets face it the prices they charge on here are outrageous compared to other games similar to this one.

No seasoned player who has learnt how it works would be stupid enough to spend another cent in thus game which is why relying on new comers is a must.


You guys need to go play Game of War. Never in my whole gaming life did I feel like a piece of meat as when playing there. :wink:

For some, E&P is a breath of fresh air, based on where they’ve been, including for yours truly.


So I guess we build a high pressure on the devs. :cold_sweat:
Many people expect so much from season 2 or will leave as it seems. I also begin to fear that we will be only a few players if season 2 won’t be fantastic! :sparkler:
But please guys do not expect too much and concider to stay…please please please :pray:

Personally, E&P does need to be fixed in some areas. It’s still a work in progress… I agree that playing this game as opposed to other games, is a breath of fresh air. I guarantee most of my alliance would agree. Some of us are PTW, other’s just FTP, and some are both…either way, we all get along and our alliance is in it for the long haul. I have seen some comments about it costing to much. I disagree. There are some very awesome cheap packages… $2.99 usd, $4.99 usd that pop up regularly. I don’t care what other’s say. I love the game.


Wow mediators do exist here.

Game of war you say, your far (extremely far) from being anything close to game of war so for you to compare yorself to them only goes to show how behind and nieve you are.

That games never ending where as yours just stops and goes nowhere.

Game of war is 4th in the world your not even ranked in free game categories and to far down in paid games to even mention.

You need to attract and keep players happy not piss them off on a daily bases and lose them.



I’ve been playing this game for 9 months. Spent very little at the beginning, and on the VIP pass lately. I love the game in all respects. I have a full rainbow of fully ascended 5 star heroes with a good start on several more. Not to mention many, many fully ascended 4 stars with plenty of ascension items left over.

The pacing is perfect. It just takes daily play and patience.

This game has tons of strategy once you collect enough heroes. Patience.

Alliance Wars have been wonderful in the 3 alliances I have been involved in since the wars launched. Absolutely no problems in matchmaking. Not in a single war. I consider alliance wars to be a smashing success and tons of fun.

Again I have spent little. Vast majority of my 4 and 5 star heroes came free from TC20, and I regularly raid up into the top 100, even the top 50, and my heroes aren’t even all at level 80 yet. The gap between free to play and pay to play is truly not that large. You can succeed with the normal 4/5 stars. And you can get lucky drawing Heroes of the month with epic hero tokens, too. I got Delilah that way and I’m working on Gravemaker too.

In summary, great game. Be patient and the ascension gear comes eventually. The heroes come eventually. Just a matter of time and patience.


I disagree with this. To my opinion the best two moments to invest into this game are at the start or after a few months/1 year once you have a decent hero roster.

At the start you will benefit a lot from those ‘‘unfortunate’’ 3* hero pulls.These heroes significantly increase your survivabilty and damage output, enabling it for you to rush through the early stages much faster. Obtaining more food, iron, heroes and materials to increase heroes and your camp. Your titan damage will be higher and you are likely to obtain more valuable materials. VIP allows you to build up your camp much faster and the gems are always welcome.

Later on in the game, buying ascension materials for your collection of heroes is what I call a nice return on investment. These ascension item packages provide you the opportunity to progress with your collected hero bench. They often include gems also. Spending hundreds of bucks on summons in this stage, will most likely give you the heroes you have not hoped for. If you will become mad after seeing those 3* heroes show up from payed-summons, you should act smart and not invest on summoning at all. Either accept and see the use of it or spend your money in a different way.

I understand the frustrations. Paying for ascension materials, because they are only slightly available as a reward through farming, is not fun. Neither is obtaining another Kailani for your well-earned money. Not to mention that perhaps the prices are ridiculous sometimes. I also share the opinion that the developers can improve the game in this area. I don’t think guaranteed 4/5* heroes would be a solution at all, based on the fact that these heroes must retain a certain ‘’ rarity aspect ‘’. But there are several other ways to give the players more value for money. To make up for a disappointing x10 summon for example.


I 100% agree here and was going to post the same thing; thanks for saving me some time LOL. It’s how I am happy a year+ later.


Maybe uou guys should also start reading forums on this game on the web outside of this forum you might learn something new other than what is said by those that obviously have more money tgan sense.

Empire and puzzles is so down the ladder in the gaming world it’s to laugh at, all stats show downward spiral.

But hey I agree the game can be fun and does have potential but that potential is distroyed by the current decision makes who are more money hungry than brainy thus killing themselves and the game in the process.

The proof is in the pudding made by the only mediator i have ever on this forum comparing himself and this game to playing game of war which makes a around a million dollars ( and climbing ) a day where this game is lucky to probably make 50gran and going by stats even that’s declining. Don’t compare yourself just be you and do what is required for the players yo have reason to play and spend.

It cost 100$ to buy 10,000 chips on GOW and 160$ for 10,000 gems here, there chips are 1 cent a chip compared to here at 16 cents a gem plus as most know on GOW you can purchase chips far cheaper through Amazon and other places where as here, well that’s it it’s here only.

The game needs a complete overhaul of human nature and basic understanding of marketing strategies not just dollars signs for eyes and losing in the process.

But hey I still play as it’s just good for a pass time for a quick somple game without end goals as it’s already proven it’s self (forced by the games design) to have become nothing more than a pass time and just wouldn’t spend any money on it at these outrageous prices.

Oh please.

  1. I’m a girl.

  2. I’m a gamer who volunteers time here as a moderator (not mediator).

  3. I played Game of War for 3-4 months which is why I brought them up. The divide between F2P and P2W was so expansive, F2P were literally treated as sheep for the P2W wolves to chase and eat. I was told in my first month there that I should spend $200 a month just to maintain let alone get ahead.

My comparison is from these items from my own experience as a gamer, and has nothing to do with “what a great game” on a ladder either of them are. I hated GOW, which as a C2P is my prerogative.

Thanks for not putting words in my mouth. :slight_smile:


I totally have an issue with elemental chests… last 2 had no good ascension material. Yesterday was a nugget 2 compasses 40 gems 2 grey tokensand a troop token? Basically garbage…

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When did two unfarmable items become a bad thing?

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